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The iPhone 8 releases Sept. 22, which means droves of people will be parked outside of Apple stores to get the latest iOS smartphone. There is a possibility lines won’t be as long, as many will likely be waiting for the Nov. 3 launch of the iPhone X. However, there are several other options for prospective iPhone users to consider.

In addition to the iPhone 7 and the iPhone SE, the iPhone 6s remains in Apple’s lineup as a discounted flagship. Apple’s decision to keep the two-year old device seems rather strategic. While the device lacks newer iPhone features, such as a dual-camera for its Plus model and wireless charging, it maintains several merits that make it unique in the current Apple ecosystem.

Here are a few reasons consumers in the market for a new device should consider the iPhone 6s.

Reviewers aren’t that impressed with the iPhone 8

Official reviews for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus started rolling in Tuesday. While there was nothing terribly bad said about the device, the general consensus was the iPhone 8 lacks the oomph to warrant a purchase. Many of its features, such as its dual-camera with Portrait Mode can be found on the iPhone 7 Plus. Though the smartphone includes wireless charging and new camera features, such as Portrait Lighting, reviewers have noted the performance of these features is not ideal. This means smartphone users who don’t require a lot of bells and whistles can likely opt out of the iPhone 8.

Significantly cheaper price

The iPhone 6s starts at $449 while the iPhone 6s Plus starts at $549. Considering the iPhone 8 starts at $699 and the iPhone 8 Plus at $799, this price drop seems fair for a former flagship.

Don't have to wait for out of stock iPhone 8

If you haven’t already pre-ordered the iPhone 8, there may be a chance the device is sold out on launch day. However, a brand new iPhone 6s would likely be much easier to acquire. As said, Apple stores will likely be extremely busy Sept. 22, so your best bet would likely be a carrier or retailer location or purchasing online.

Don’t have to wait for iPhone X

In turn, users who opt for the iPhone 6s won’t have to wait over a month for the iPhone X to arrive. Recent reports also suggest the smartphone could see supply delays beyond its Nov. 3 launch date (preorders begin Oct. 27). Again, those who haven’t already preordered the X may have a hard time getting a hold of it on launch day.

It runs iOS 11

Apple rolled out its latest software, iOS 11 Tuesday, which means newly purchased iPhone 6s models should run the system natively. Considering most of what is unique about Apple products is its software, iPhone 6s users will be right on track with iPhone 8 and iPhone X users in terms of the latest technology. The iPhone 6s is compatible with Apple’s AR Kit, which means users can download and test augmented reality applications on the smartphone. The iOS 11 update also includes new features, including do not disturb while driving, Live Photo and a redesign of Control Center.

You can get it in Rose Gold

Apple has retired the infamous Rose Gold color as of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X; however, the color option remains for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 and iPhone SE models. Still, the iPhone 6s is now the cheapest flagship level iPhone with the Rose Gold color option so consumers may want to enjoy the availability now while it lasts.

It has a headphone jack

Apple stirred the market in 2016 when it released the iPhone 7 without a headphone jack. The iPhone 8 and iPhone X have followed this trend. However, the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE have retained their headphone jacks. Again, the iPhone 6s is now the only flagship level Apple smartphone with the feature. Many still critique Apple’s decision to release smartphones with no audio jack, which could make the 6s a hot commodity among iPhones.

Bigger Than iPhone SE

While the iPhone SE is cheaper than the iPhone 6s by $100, many users who entered the Apple market with the SE could see the iPhone 6s as an opportunity to get a size upgrade without an exorbitant price increase. The iPhone SE is a nod back to Apple’s old school 4-inch design, while the iPhone 6s features a 4.7-inch display. It is much larger than the SE but not extraordinarily so -- such as the difference between an iPhone SE and an iPhone 6s Plus. But Apple’s new lineup also gives consumers the opportunity to try out the Plus model without having to pay iPhone 8 Plus prices.