For over two decades, Pokémon fans have been keeping up with the franchise in all different ways, ranging from video games and movies to attending international events. With so many details surrounding the characters and creation of the entire universe, it is likely that even the most devoted followers have missed a thing or two along the way. Here, we will take a look at eight interesting facts that may just surprise you.

1. Many Pokémon Names Have Numbers Included In Them

Even though the characters are known for having unique names, some of them also have commonalities. One such similarity is that several have Spanish numbers at the end of their names: Atricuno, Zapdos, and Moltres are three examples of this, as they have uno, dos, and tres included.

2. Clefairy Was Almost The Face Of The Franchise

Reportedly, the fairy-type was the original face in the comics, but once it began being adapted for the television show, producers opted to go with the electric Pikachu instead. They are said to have made this decision because they believed it would be more relatable to young viewers.

3. Rhydon Was The First Pokémon To Be Created

While Arceus is the oldest character in the game universe, Rhydon was the first one that was designed, according to GamesRadar. This is said to be why you sometimes see random Rhydon statues in some of the games, as they are placed there as a tribute to his significance.

4. Characters From The Franchise Have Appeared On Real Money

In the South Pacific island of Niue, the government not only accepts New Zealand currency but also prints their own. This means that they sometimes create special coins, which was the case in 2001 when they put Pikachu on the back of a one-dollar coin to celebrate the series.

5. It Has Made A Scientific Impact

In 2008, scientists in Japan named a protein that they had just discovered "Pikachurin" after the franchise mascot, according to Factinate.

6. Characters Once Appeared On The Cover Of TIME Magazine

Even though Pokémon may not be the best-selling video game franchise, it has certainly made its mark in other ways. In fact, it is the only video game franchise to be seen on the cover of TIME Magazine. 

7. A Specific Episode Caused Health Problems 

On Dec. 16, 1997, an episode that aired in Japan caused blindness, seizures, and convulsions in over 685 viewers. According to ScreenRant, each of them were taken to local hospitals by ambulance. Others additionally complained that the show caused dizziness, blurred vision, and headaches. These symptoms came as a result of strobing lights. Eventually it earned a spot in the Guinness World Records Book as the case was unprecedented.

8. Even Though There Are 151 Original Pokémon, They Only Make 31 Unique Sounds Between Them

Many of them were adapted for different characters by changing their speed or pitch. However, some, such as Charizard and Rhyhorn, are "vocal twins," reports Mental Floss.