If you have the right assortment of Pokémon cards, you can earn some serious money, which was the case for one seller over the weekend.

According to TMZ, a 103-piece set sold for $107,010, which is the highest price a set has ever received at auction. The 1999 collection was able to fetch such a price due to it being both complete and housing some "ridiculously rare" cards. 

The group, which was sold at Goldin Auctions, included pieces that were in "perfect, Gem Mint 10 condition." According to the auction house's listing, each individual card was graded at that condition by authentication body Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA). The entire collection can be viewed on the official listing as well.

In fact, some of the cards are so rare that it is said that less than 50 of them exist in such pristine condition, which likely contributed to the high selling price.

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One notable addition was the first-edition Charizard, which is highly-coveted by collectors. That card alone could sell for up to $20,000, according to PSA. Holographic Alakazam, Blastoise, and Chansey cards were also in the set. The starting price for this particular lot began at $25,000 and received 12 total bids before closing on Saturday, reports CNBC.

You can identify first-edition Pokémon cards by a small black circular stamp on the bottom left of the image and the fact that they "lack the drop shadow that outlines the right-hand side of the character box," per PSA. These two characteristics indicate that they were part of the original 1999 release.

Additionally, the auction house stated that a similar set of cards sold in December 2017 for just under $100,000, adding that demand for complete first-edition sets has continued to grow over time. This means that it may be worth paying attention to the collectibles whether you're just a casual fan, a true collector, or looking to make a career out of opening the cards on YouTube.