• "86 Eighty-Six" Season 2, Episode 9 (Episode 20) is delayed
  • The episode is now slated to release on Dec. 18
  • The episodes are streaming on Crunchyroll

The 20th episode of "86 Eighty-Six" is not airing this week, the production committee for the anime series has confirmed.

The official Twitter account of the TV anime has announced that "86 Eighty-Six" Season 2, Episode 9 (Episode 20) is now scheduled for Dec. 18.

The official website has released the synopsis of Episode 20, which is titled "Together Unto Death."

Raiden Shuga wants Shin Nouzen to retire with Frederica Rosenfort, who sneaked into the battle zone to be with Shin.

With Frederica inside the battlefield, it remains to be seen how Shin will continue the journey. The threat of Morpho continues to haunt the squad.

In the previous episode, Shin learned that he won't be getting any artillery or air support. Moreover, the Federacy cannot send any reinforcements to back Shin and his squad.

They asked him if he still wants to continue the pursuit. Shin noted that any air support and reinforcement were never part of the plan. He added they will continue to fight because if they don't take down the Legion, it will kill them all.

"Called 'Juggernaut,' these are the unmanned combat drones developed by the Republic of San Magnolia in answer to the attacks by the autonomous unmanned drones of the neighboring Empire of Giad, the 'Legion.' But they're only unmanned in name. In reality, they are piloted by the Eighty-sixers — those considered to be less than human and treated as mere tools. Determined to achieve his own mysterious ends, Shin, the captain of Spearhead Squadron, which is comprised of Eighty-sixers, continues to fight a hopeless war on a battlefield where only death awaits him," read the official series synopsis, according to Crunchyroll.

The cast of "86 Eighty-Six" anime includes Ikumi Hasegawa as Vladilena Milizé, Shōya Chiba as Shinei Nōzen, Yuya Uchida as Ernst Zimmerman, Seiichirō Yamashita as Raiden Shuga, Sayumi Suzushiro as Kurena Kukumila, Saori Hayami as Anju Emma, Natsumi Fujiwara as Theoto Rikka, Misaki Kuno as Frederica Rosenfort, Kana Ueda as Grethe Wenzel, Atsushi Tamaru as Eugene Rantz, Itaru Yamamoto as Brent Bernholdt, Kengo Takanashi as Erwin Marcel and Asuna Tomari as Shiden Iida.

"86 Eighty-Six" Season 2 episodes air Saturdays on Tokyo MX and fans outside Japan can stream the episodes on Crunchyroll. The episodes are currently live streaming in Japanese with English subtitles.

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