A 93-year-old British bodybuilder has been making headlines across the world this week after BBC News highlighted Dr. Charles Eugster and his amazingly fit body.

Despite what you might think, Eugster hasn’t been a bodybuilder for his entire life. In fact, the nonagenarian fitness expert first began lifting weights when he was 87.

So why did a man in his late 80s pick up bodybuilding? To meet women, of course.

"The idea is to turn the heads of the sexy young 70-year-old girls on the beach," Eugster told BBC News.

Eugster, a self-described vain man, had been working as a dentist for decades and realized that he had begun to become overweight in his old age. In this battle of the bulge, he hired a personal trainer and started working out in earnest. Soon, this new bodybuilding routine let to him entering competitions.

During Eugster’s latest competition, he managed 61 chin-ups, 57 dips, 50 push-ups, and 48 abdominal crunches, completing each of the exercise within 45 seconds, BBC News reported.

So what kind of routine keeps a 93-year-old bodybuilder in shape? A very rigorous one.

Eugster's fitness routine involves working out for two or more hours a day, three to four times a week. He said he varies the focus and intensity of each workout depending on which part of his body he is attempting to sculpt. Sometimes, he spends hours muscle-building; other times, he’s out rowing on a lake.

After spending years sculpting his body, Eugster says he’s much happier with his appearance these days. In fact, he believes anyone at any age can get into shape based on his own results.

“In my opinion, anyone can do it,” Eugster said. “But obviously it’s like trading your old car in for a new one. If you have taken care of your old car, it won’t cost you so much. But if you have neglected your car, it’s gonna cost you a lot.”

Watch the BBC News interview with Eugster below.

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