Aaliyah's highly-anticipated posthumous musical project "Unstoppable" is set for release this month, but die-hard fans of the R&B superstar are disappointed that the album includes only male collaborators.

Fans are asking why the album does not feature any of the female singers influenced by Aaliyah.

“Imagine having the opportunity to create a new Aaliyah album with an entire generation of women that were directly influenced (Ciara, Teyana, Tinashe, Normani, Jhene, CxH, H.E.R., Sevyn, etc.) but instead we get Snoop Dogg, Neyo, Future, [Chris Brown] a weird Weeknd song … yikes,” a dismayed fan wrote on Twitter.

“Like no females at all??!!” another frustrated fan wrote. “It's mind-boggling. Like I wanna listen cause it’s Aaliyah but majority of me really don’t wanna hear it.”

"Unstoppable" by Blackground 2.0 Records comes two decades after the star's death. The album features Aaliyah’s unreleased music and collaborations with Ne-Yo, Snoop Dogg, Future, Drake and Chris Brown and The Weeknd.

The record label dropped the album’s lead single “Poison” with The Weeknd in December 2021 which received bad reviews from fans of the “Rock The Boat” singer.

“If Aaliyah’s vocals on the demo were too unclear to the point that your engineers couldn’t mix and master them to sound good, this song shouldn’t have been released. Shame on y’all,” user @betterpositionz said.

While some fans wondered whether the label had lost the voice masters and thus had to resort to a background singer to enhance Aaliyah’s vocals, others said it is an attempted "cash grab" by Background Records 2.0 founder and Aaliyah’s uncle, Barry Hankerson.

In December 2021, Hankerson said they have been working on Aaliyah’s musical project for five years.

“About five years ago we realized we had quite a bit of music that we had never put out that was recorded by Aaliyah. The vocals were there, and we decided to try to remaster it and to ask other artists that were big fans of her if they would like to participate in being on various songs,” he said.

Aaliyah’s music hit streaming services in August 2021 following disagreements between Hankerson and the late artist’s estate.

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