A collaboration track between the late singer Aaliyah and The Weeknd titled, “Poison,” will be unveiled Friday ahead of the late R&B singer’s posthumous album.

The news was jointly shared by Blackground Records 2.0 and music label EMPIRE on their Twitter pages. The posts featured an illustration of a perfume bottle in the middle of colorful flowers, and what appeared to be a snake’s body in the backdrop.

The Canadian Alternative R&B singer previously sampled Aaliyah’s “Rock The Boat” on his 2012 single “What You Need” from his compilation album “Trilogy.” In March, The Weeknd released his 2011 “House Of Balloons” debut mixtape on streaming services to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The mixtape also contains “What You Need” apart from other original mixes and samples.

Blackground Records Founder and Aaliyah’s uncle, Barry Hankerson, earlier partnered with EMPIRE to put the late R&B superstar’s music catalog on streaming services for the first time since her tragic death in a plane accident in 2001.

The music of Aaliyah, or Babygirl to her fans, became available on various streaming platforms in August after a long delay caused by disagreements with Aaliyah’s estate which is run by Aaliyah LLC on behalf of the late singer’s mother, Diane Haughton, and brother Rashad Haughton.

In an earlier interview with Billboard, EMPIRE’s founder Ghazi said that his partnership with Hankerson goes beyond the release of the music catalog but also into new ways of introducing Babygirl’s music into various social media platforms.

“So to be able to bridge it into Instagram and Facebook and Snapchat and Twitter and TikTok, and so on and so forth, is going to be fascinating to watch generations that are aware of her mystique and have heard her music be able to access it and consume it more readily. We’ll see how impactful that will become,” Ghazi said.

In the same interview, Hankerson revealed they are working on new songs for the posthumous album which includes features from Drake, Future, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown and Snoop Dogg. Timbaland has also remixed and produced some of the music in the upcoming album.

“It has been really nice,” Hankerson said about the new recordings. “The only part that has been a little distasteful has been so many people being angry with me because the music didn’t come out when they wanted it. But I learned to live with that. There’s nothing I can do about it.”

The late R&B star Aaliyah, shown here arriving for the premiere of "Romeo Must Die" in Los Angeles in 2000
The late R&B star Aaliyah, shown here arriving for the premiere of "Romeo Must Die" in Los Angeles in 2000 AFP / VINCE BUCCI