Kennesaw State University adviser Abby Dawson became the topic of a contentious Twitter discussion Thursday afternoon, after KSU student Kevin Bruce posted a shocking video to social media. The clip showed Bruce patiently waiting to speak to someone and Dawson threatening to call the cops because sitting down was apparently “harassment” -- her words, not ours.

While some people labeled her rude, others called for her dismissal.

Others wondered how waiting could be considered harassment:

Some Twitter users were appalled by the incident.

Bruce, the student accused of harassment, subsequently shared the video on social media and later was interviewed by local Georgia news site WAGA. The video has since gone viral, but he said he hadn't thought it would get that much attention. Bruce explained he went to the office to fill out a form and ask his adviser a few questions. However, his regular adviser was busy, and that’s how Dawson got involved.

After Dawson threatened to call school security if he contined to wait, Bruce responded that paying KSU students shouldn't be spoken to in that way.

Dawson has not released a statement, but KSU has said through its official Twitter account that it has launched an investigation into the video.

Tammy DeMel, the university’s spokeswoman, told the Chronicle of Higher Education that officials at the school are working to determine what led to Bruce’s exchange with the employee. “We’re just trying to put the rest of the context around” the video.

Click here to watch the clip.

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