“Bridgerton” is one of the most talked-about Netflix shows right now, and those who finished it in the matter of a few days (or a night) have been left wanting more. While there aren't more episodes yet, there are more historical dramas to watch.

There hasn’t been any official announcement about a Season 2 of the show, but many news sources are hopeful and have caught onto some clues. Until then, fans of the show can occupy their time by watching these series, which tick the boxes for both the historical and romantic genres.

Here are seven binge-worthy series on Netflix that you can watch right now if you don’t know what to watch after finishing “Bridgerton:”


Running in the category of fantasy-romance, this five-season series is also based on a set of books by Diana Gabaldon. Whilst set in the 20th century, the main character, Claire, time-travels back to the 18th century, which is just before the time “Bridgerton” takes place, and finds love and adventure while exploring Scotland with Highlander Jamie Fraser.

You can watch the first three seasons on Netflix, and the entire five seasons on Starz.


This is a more serious show, but it has all the same atmospheric aspects of “Bridgerton” (including playing fast and loose with historical accuracy). Viewers will follow Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland, as she navigates her reign while trying to figure out how to be with the man she really loves and not just who her kingdom wants her to marry--similar to Daphne Bridgerton.

"The Crown"

Set in England and following the British Royal Family, this series gives an insight of the family’s trials and tribulations, beginning with Queen Elizabeth II's come to reign. It has drama, romance and political aspects throughout the four seasons, so you can get the best of all the worlds.

"Cable Girls"

While this is only one season, it’s an easy show to jump right into and finish in a few days. Set in Spain in the 1920s, it focuses on strong female roles in the workplace and is fairly progressive despite being set 100 years ago. If you were a fan of the strong female leads in “Bridgerton,” this series would be a great one to give a whirl.


This series is also a more serious one, but it’s a historical drama with similar themes. “Versailles” takes place in the mid to late 1600s in France. Viewers follow King Louis XIV as he comes to reign and takes over Versailles, whilst dealing with running a country, pleasing a mistress and figuring out if he still wants to be with Queen Marie Theresa.

"The Windsors"

This one goes hand-in-hand with “The Crown” and those who enjoy learning about or watching shows on the royal family, this one falls under that category, but it has more laughs than the Emmy-winning drama. This series is a parody but touches on the basics of the rumors that have been spread about them over the years.

"The Tudors"

Set in the 16th century, this show mainly focuses on a male lead, King Henry VIII, the opposite of “Bridgerton.” Even though it’s a little different, viewers can watch as King Henry navigates many marriages while trying to keep England afloat.

Shows like Bridgerton
Golda Rosheuvel stars as Queen Charlotte in the Netflix series "Bridgerton." Liam Daniel/Netflix