A U.S. home. A grandmother in Kansas received a racist letter targeting her grandchildren from an anonymous "neighbor." REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

A Kansas grandmother received Monday a racist letter from an anymous “neighbor” that targeted her bi-racial grandchildren. Nancy Wirths, 49, who lives in Wichita, was infuriated when she read the note she found in her mailbox.

“I hope this never happens to anyone else,” Wirths told NBC4i. The handwritten note told the Wichita resident that she had done a disservice to the community by having her Caucasian/African-American grandchildren over at her home.

The letter suggested it was written by a neighboring couple and that they were near enough to have noted Wirth’s guests. “We have noted that there are some black children at your residence,” the letter read. “Maybe you are running a daycare or these are your children. In either case, we have put our house for sale. The neighborhood does not need any blacks in it.”

The document went on to suggest that “blacks” belonged on “the other side of the tracks.”

At first, Wirths thought it was a joke. “We love the neighborhood and the people who have supported us behind this,” she told Fox 4 KC news. “There’s no need for us to move, but if the people wrote the letter need help packing, I’m sure we have quite a few people that would love to assist in the packing.”

Wirths told Fox 4 KC news that the letter had included a return address, but when she went to the listed address, she found that the home did not exist.

Wirths told the Washington Post Wednesday that she had nine grandchildren ranging in age from three months to 10 years. Six of them are black.

Although Wirths was infuriated, she told the Post that she was “a little wary” of letting her kids play outside without her close supervision.

“I don’t know who these people are,” Wirths stated. “Are they going to stop at the letter?”