Transgender singer Tom Gabel recently opened up about his “transexuality” and his decision of becoming a women. Surprisingly, his artist wife Heather Gabel is very supportive and is eagerly awaiting her husband's post-surgery female form, especially his blossoming bosom when he starts taking hormones.

Heather told Rolling Stone magazine in an interview that she can’t wait for the time when “he’s gonna get these cute little boobs.”

“I’ve never been attracted to girls, but when he has that cute little boob sticking out of the side of his tank top... hi-ya!” she gushes.

Tom, who is the lead vocalist of punk rock band Against Me! recently revealed that he is planning to change his sex to female either by gender reassignment surgery or by altering his body hormones and undergoing electrolysis treatment.

The 31-year-old singer said he has been suffering from a condition called gender dysphoria from a long time and has never felt connected to his male body.

However, the singer asserted that he will keep his marriage intact with wife.

Tom’s most important concern before taking this decision was his wife’s reaction; however, Heather’s unexpected support has been his strength.

“She's been super-amazing and understanding, he told the magazine.

Gabel said, For me, the most terrifying thing about this was how she would accept the news,” to which wife Heather briskly responded, “Of all things you could have told me, that is the least worst.”

About their sexual life, the couple gushed “sex is normal… but better.”

Gabel whose new name as a woman would be Laura Jane Grace, says “I don’t give a f*** if I lose my penis. It’s just f***ing scary.”

He is the first rock star to come out of the closet as a transgender who says sex-change surgery will not affect his “throat-shredding growl.”

The Daily reported that it’s not only his wife supporting his decision, even Indie rock bands like Tegan, Sara and Gaslight Anthem have expressed support for Gabel’s “incredibly brave” decision.

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