A United Airlines flight had to make an unexpected early landing last week after a passenger became "agitated," attacked passengers, and exhibited other erratic behavior. 

The flight was on its way from Newark, New Jersey, to Miami last Wednesday and landed at the Charleston, South Carolina, airport. The suspect, John Yurkovich, was arrested by police at the gate and the FBI currently has pending charges on him. 

While the victim’s names haven’t been released, a Charleston County Aviation Authority Police Department report obtained by USA Today identifies the passenger who was sitting next to Yurkovich as “Victim #1.” It explains that after Yurkovich used the bathroom on board, he came back appearing “agitated,” grabbed what appeared to be pills out of his bag, and began to “scream and thrash” around. 

The suspect allegedly then hit Victim #1, broke their glasses, and caused a laceration on their ear. While an early report stated that the plane needed to land prematurely due to "someone's ear being bit off," Breitbart reports that Yurkovich caused the passenger to “bleed excessively from his ear" by punching him.

Yurkovich is also said to have struck a passenger sitting behind him and punched another before a doctor on the flight injected him with Benadryl to try and calm him down, USA Today reported.

During a search, police found 1.5 grams of a “white crystal substance” on Yurkovich's person, which turned out to be methamphetamines. He was charged with “possession with intent to distribute methamphetamines,” according to police.

united airlines A United Airlines aircraft is pictured. Photo: AFP / Daniel SLIM