The buzz surrounding Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai and her bundle of joy, A.K.A Beti B, have gained considerable momentum especially after an image of the mother-daughter duo leaked onto Twitter.

Pictures of Rai holding Beti B have been circulating in the past, which for obvious reasons have been debunked by her father-in-law Amitabh Bachchan.

This particular photo, however, seems far from fake. In this one, Rai is seen holding down on her lap a cherub, who fans have proclaimed to be Beti B.

The actress and her husband have protected their little one from the shutterbugs ever since her birth Nov. 16. Since then fans have made futile attempts to catch a glimpse of the tiny tot.

Also keep in mind that social network sites are usually the first to report but are often never right. So what's the real scoop on this so-called legitimate photo?

According to a report on, the image, which was uploaded Saturday, shows a younger and slimmer Rai holding a child who looks apparently older than Beti B is said to be now. Fans may not want to believe it, but the child is reportedly Rai's nephew Vihaan, as pointed out by some Twitter users.

Some users even say Beti B has been named Abhilasha, which according to reports, has been squashed by Amitabh with a tweet that read, Not true...

At the end of it all, only the star-couple can choose to unravel the mystery shrouding Beti B in due time.

Click here to see the photo.