• "Mulan" is an upcoming  2020 American live-action drama film based on Chinese folklore
  • South Korean duo band AKMU’s Lee Su-hyun will be singing the Korean OST of "Reflection"
  • American Singer Christina Aguilera will be singing the 2020 English version of "Reflection"

South Korean duo band AKMU’s main vocalist Lee Su-hyun will be singing the Korean OST cover of the song titled "Reflection" for Disney’s live-action film "Mulan".

Disney released a silhouette of the singer who would be performing the Korean OST cover of "Reflection" for the upcoming film on Friday, Aug. 14. Walt Disney Korea, on Wednesday, Aug. 19, confirmed that the singer would be Lee Su-hyun, as per Allkpop.

"Mulan" is a 2020 American live-action drama film based on Chinese folklore. It tells the story of a fearless young girl who disguises herself as a man and battles the northern invaders in China to protect her ailing father from serving in the Imperial Army.

The song "Reflection" is a much-loved, iconic single from the original animated film which was released in 1998. It portrays Mulan’s complex emotions of wanting to show the world her true self instead of pretending to be someone else who is being held back by the conventional formalities forced onto her by society. The upcoming movie, which is a live-action film, will be featuring a new version of the song with a grandiose orchestral sound.

The official 2020 English version of the track will be covered by American singer Christina Aguilera. She also sang the original English soundtrack which acted as her debut single.

Disney released a video of 21-year-old Lee Su-hyun expressing her excitement on being chosen for the track on their official Korean YouTube channel.

"I’ve finally received an offer from Disney. As a fan of Disney, I’m so happy to be singing a song that has been loved by people for so many years. Please give lots of love to ‘Mulan’ and my version of ‘Reflection'," said Lee Su-hyun, according to Soompi.

After winning SBS’s reality television competition titled "K-pop Star 2”, Lee Su-hyun and her brother Lee Chan-hyuk made their singing debut as South Korean duo band AKMU under YG Entertainment in April 2014.

Meanwhile, the movie is expected to premiere in theaters in South Korea on Sept. 10. It will be available on Disney Plus from Sept. 4 onward.

"Mulan" may be delayed yet again. Walt Disney Studios