Alec Baldwin can’t make up his mind. The “30 Rock” actor, who just announced he is launching a podcast on New York’s WNYC, has been airing spots on public radio since last fall telling them not to give to public radio.

With this year’s fall pledge drive in full force, those spots have returned to stations like WYNC and Los Angeles’ KPCC.

“Hello, this is Alec Baldwin from television,” Baldwin opens. “You’ve heard of TV -- the dominant broadcast medium of our age.”

“Please, this pledge drive, don’t give. Let public radio sputter and die a slow underfunded death. Let’s end this experiment of broadcasting from a sense of mission and civic purpose. Let’s return all radio in this country to its proper mission -- selling advertising and making money.”

How can his show stay on the air if public radio goes away? He doesn’t seem to care.

“To all those who have not pledged: I salute you.”