Alex Aiono and New Hope Club took a little detour from touring with Sabrina Carpenter on Saturday.

The YouTube singer and British band brought their music to the Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day stage at the U.S. Open grounds, performing for thousands of screaming fans. Though, coming off of their tour with Carpenter, the guys should be completely used to the adoring fans out in the audience, shouting and singing their songs back to them.

Even if that was one major part of performing all over the country the last few weeks, there was a lot more to it.

International Business Times caught up with these talented performers before they hit the stage to find out just exactly what it was like going on tour with Carpenter.

“It’s been so great,” Aiono told IBT. “Sabrina is such a kind soul and so are New Hope Club, who are actually here, at Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day. It’s just been so much fun. We’ve made so many memories and had as much fun as we could. And it was a great way to end the summer.”

It definitely seems like Aiono had a blast out on the road and enjoyed spending his summer with both Carpenter and New Hope Club. But the summer isn’t over quite yet for Aiono. Before the season finishes out, the singer will be jetting off to Germany to perform two concerts in mid-September. His German fans are waiting to hear him play his catchy new single “Question,” after all.

As for the British boys of New Hope Club, touring with Carpenter and Aiono has been a real eye-opening experience. Coming from overseas, they’ve only ever seen Los Angeles, and that’s only because it has great recording studios. This tour was a way for them to both connect with their U.S. fans and for them to get to explore the country.

“We’ve got to see a lot of the U.S. that we've never seen before,” New Hope Club’s George Smith said to IBT. “We’ve only ever been to L.A., so when we came to New York, for the first time a couple days ago, we actually went up the Empire State Building and the view from the top is amazing.”

Of course, when visiting New York City for the first time, tourist experiences are a must. And while the Empire State Building is amazing for many, NHC’s Reece Bibby had a little bit of a different feeling.

“Reece is actually scared of heights, so he like cowered to the back,” Smith revealed. “But it was really fun. We’re seeing so much stuff. It’s so big. I didn’t think it was like that big, but every drive is like 11 hours.”

It’s already been quite the summer for these performers, full of performances and fun experiences. Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day was a perfect way for them to cap it all off. Even though Carpenter herself wasn’t at this event to round out the tour with them, clearly she was there in spirit.