• Alex Rodriguez doesn't know Madison LeCroy and didn't hook up with her 
  • Many Twitter users didn't believe the rumors that he would cheat on Jennifer Lopez
  • Some online users believed the former MLB player could have been unfaithful

Alex Rodriguez doesn't know "Southern Charm" star Madison LeCroy despite allegations of them flirting online.

Jennifer Lopez's fiancé has been romantically linked to LeCroy after the latter mentioned in an interview that she communicated with a married baseball player on Instagram. There were also claims that she flew to Miami to hook up with him, which she denied. However, a person close to the former MLB star said he doesn't know LeCroy.

"He doesn’t know this woman," the source told The Post. "Look, does this mean he didn’t DM her and liked a photo or two? I guess not, but he doesn’t know her — and he definitely didn’t hook up with her."

The rumors involving Rodriguez and LeCroy started when her "Southern Charm" co-star Danni Baird alleged in the "Reality Life With Kate Casey" podcast that LeCroy told her they were FaceTiming.

Andy Cohen also asked LeCroy about the issue during the show's Season 7 reunion special by prodding for more details about the "very famous, married ex-MLB player." The incident allegedly happened when LeCroy was still with her fellow cast member Austen Kroll. The former couple separated in December 2020.

LeCroy confirmed her communication with a married baseball player but denied the rumors she flew to Miami and hooked up with him.

"He contacted me, and yes, we DMed, but other than that there was nothing … I’ve never seen him [or] touched him," she said.

Meanwhile, Twitter users have mixed reactions to the issue and the majority couldn't believe that Rodriguez would cheat on Lopez. Several claimed no one should dare cheat on the "On the Floor" singer because she is a goddess.

"Who would cheat on JLO with @Matty_Cakez mannn. Sorry JLO," one user wrote.

"Yes!!!!!! I saw on reddit it might be A-Rod, but he's not married and do we really think he'd cheat on JLo with Madison? Nah," one tweeted.

"If the ARod cheated on JLo rumours are true, there's no hope for us. If somebody will cheat on a goddess like her, we may just have to accept that love is dead," another opined.

"If ARod really did cheat on JLo there really is no hope for me how do cheat on a whole goddess," a third user added.

While some weren't convinced about the rumors, a few netizens believed the cheating allegations could be true.

"Didn't he cheat on his wife? It was only time. Poor JLo," one wrote.

"People are shocked A rod would cheat on jlo? He’s a man. That is all," another added.

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were recently spotted working out together. Pictured: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez attend Jennifer Lopez's MTV VMA's Vanguard Award Celebration at Beauty & Essex on August 21, 2018 in New York City. Getty Images/Andrew Toth