Alexa PenaVega
Alexa PenaVega shares details about new projects, her baby boy and more in exclusive interview. Courtesy of Alexa PenaVega

Although she has enjoyed her time basking in the joys of motherhood with her baby boy Ocean, Alexa PenaVega is more than ready than to get back to work. From running her household to acting in front of the camera, this powerhouse has a lot on her plate and manages to handle it all with grace.

International Business Times chatted with the vibrant actress who spilled about life, her YouTube channel, what’s next in her career and more.

PenaVega recently partnered with Clorox, gearing up for her spring cleaning binge and noted that while cleaning can be a bit overwhelming, it is definitely a necessity. The actress did admit that she can be messy compared to her husband Carlos PenaVega who is a “neat freak,” so organization is important in the couple’s household.

“Cleaning helps me clear my mind and feel like I really have things in order,” the actress told IBT. “I want to keep my home as healthy as possible for my family, spring cleaning isn’t just about your home looking good but about making sure you are keeping things germ-free. This is especially important to me now that I have Ocean!”

To make sure her home is spotless, PenaVega has specific products that she depends on when it’s time for spring cleaning:

  • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes have always been a standby of mine because they are so easy to use, especially for a busy new mom, and can be used on so many different surfaces all over your home,” the starlet explained.
  • “Clorox recently released its Scentiva line of Disinfecting Wipes and Multi-Surface Cleaners that clean, disinfect and smell amazing too, they made me feel like I was taking a mini-vacation while I was cleaning!”
  • “I also have bad seasonal allergies that flare up in the spring, so Clorox Triple Action Dust Wipes are a must-have for me,” she said. “They trap dust and hair so I wipe air vents down with those so that those allergens aren’t being blown around the house.”

Alexa PenaVega
Alexa PenaVega depends on Clorox products to help clean her home. Clorox

Aside from keeping her house in tip top shape, PenaVega is still focused on her career and is taking on her most important role yet as a mom. Having a newborn baby is not the easiest thing in the world, and despite the limited time that she has had to herself, the actress has managed to get back into shape fairly quickly after giving birth in December.

“Honestly, I do not have much time to work out like I used to because I always just want to be playing with Ocean whenever I have a few minutes of downtime. Sometimes I will incorporate him into what workouts I can do and he thinks we’re playing, it’s so fun!”

“My mentality since having Ocean has been to get healthy for my family and not worry about hitting a target weight,” she said.

Motherhood has completely changed PenaVega’s life. Now when she makes career decisions, the actress always has her baby boy in mind. “I know that I will show Ocean my shows and movies when he’s old enough, and I want him to see me in the best light possible,” the star explained.

“However, it’s also important to me that I teach him the difference between ‘mommy’ and ‘movie mommy.’ I try to stick with roles that are genuine to who I am as a person and a parent, but there will always be that divide between my characters and real life.”

Speaking of real life, PenaVega and her husband actually share their reality with fans on their YouTube channel LexLovesLos. The star explained that she is inspired to share her vlogs thanks to the support she receives from fans.

“We love sharing our lives with our fans and learning about them, too. It’s so great to feel like we have a family of almost 600,000 people who love and support us, and we like to give that love and support right back,” she said.

The actress revealed that she and her husband believe it is important to be “open and genuine” with their fans even though it can occasionally lead to uneasy situations. “There is a level of trust that we have with our fans. They have our best interests at heart. We know they’re rooting for us and for the most part, would not incite drama based on our posts or our lives,” she said.

“We’re also realistic in knowing that not everyone is going to agree with us on everything we say or do but we try really hard not to pay any attention to negative commenters, they are definitely out there!”

Fans hoping to see the actress in a scripted role are in luck seeing as she already has two projects in the pipeline. “‘Sleep Away’ is actually a film made by a summer camp for aspiring actors! A bunch of kids put this project together. Carlos and I speak at this camp every year! So we made a little cameo,” she revealed.

The actress also has a TV movie airing this summer. “‘Destination Wedding’ comes out in June on the Hallmark Channel. I had such a blast filming it. We shot at a resort in Acapulco… it was for sure a ‘work-ation,’” she said.

PenaVega revealed that her husband was actually supposed to make a surprise appearance in the film but had to back out once he booked a new show. Not to worry, the star insisted that she has every intention of sharing the screen with her hubby in her next project, so stay tuned.