A self-titled UFO expert claims to have found evidence that an alien ship crashed in the south pole.

Prominent conspiracy theorist and UFO researcher Scott Waring said he was looking for Nazi bases or alien bases using Google Maps when he said he came across an interesting sight that blew him away. In an entry on the ET Database, Waring said he was looking for plane crashes when he “accdentally” came across a “crashed alien ship.”

Waring claimed that the “ship” isn’t a human vessel but an alien vessel that “crashed” in a small island in the south polar region “long ago.” He said it appeared to be a UFO that had one of its wings folded up. He said the cockpit is still visible, along with the nose.

Waring claimed that “maybe it’s not a crashed UFO,” but said that to him it definitely “looks like it.” He adds that the “UFO” appears to be ancient and looks like it is made from the same material that is usually found in Mars.

Using a ruler, Waring measured the length of the “UFO” and said it measures about 96.08 meters from nose to tail. He also measured the distance from the point where the “UFO” first hit the ground to where it “stopped” -- a 448.31 meter-long crash trail that, according to him, had “burn and tread marks.”

Surely, some skeptics will ask how an “ancient crash” will still have those marks visible on an island that’s covered with snow.

Waring then gives some outlandish explanations as to how this “UFO” could’ve crashed on that island. He said that it could’ve probably crashed there because “artificial intelligence” was flying it or landing it. He also claimed that “maybe it was an ancient thing that crashed because it had no pilot.” Regardless of how it crashed, he claimed that it crashed long ago.

Material from Mars

Waring claimed that the UFO looked like it was made out of a material that’s commonly seen in Mars. Previously, Waring claimed that there’s a pie pan-shaped UFO or “alien base” on Mars. Someone debunked his claim, however, showing evidence that this “metallic” base was nothing but a rock.

This could simply mean that the “crashed UFO” that was made of material from Mars could be nothing but a rock, just like that “alien base” he claimed.

Radio signals sent throughout Earth's history could be the way for aliens to find us. Pictured: A visitor speaks with a Dalek during the Scarborough Sci-Fi event held at the seafront Spa Complex on April 21, 2018 in Scarborough, England. Ian Forsyth/Getty Images