Ever since we discovered other planets in the universe, we have wondered if life exists there. One of the most popular manifestations of this wondering is the sighting of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), which have become synonymous with alien sightings.

Many creative minds, including those in Hollywood, have imagined these UFOs as saucer shaped, glowing discs that unleash super-intelligent, extra-terrestrial mayhem on Earth, usually New York City.

The number of these UFO sightings has increased drastically over the years, and now a “UFO Stalker,” based on MUFON Case Management System, shows that this year alone a whopping 83,715 UFO sightings have been recorded.

UFO Stalker website says that there has been a 12 percent climb in the number of sightings reported this year from that in 2016.

The website has a map that shows all the areas in the U.S. and the rest of the world where UFO sightings have been reported by people.

The website allows users to view an interactive map where pictures of UFO’s are strewn across the world, which when clicked, reveal the date, time and type of sighting, with several users describing their sightings in great details.

According to the map, the U.S. has reported an approximate 30 sightings this month, with a huge concentration of sightings near the boroughs of New York City.

In November alone, the numbers went up 28 percent from the number of sightings in October.

One of the sightings made on Nov. 21, 2017, in Kingsley, Pennsylvania, is described in great detail in a post by an observer who was not named.

“I was laying down watching tv when I heard this ‘thump thump’ and a whirring buzzing sound and I got up to look out my window when I saw a white almost glowing object flying almost straight up into the sky and another object sitting still next to it I was unsure the still object was craft and not a star or something when it started flickering I went to take a video on my phone and took the picture on accident then when I switched to video my phone went dead. at this point when I looked up to continue observing the object there was only the mobile one left in the sky as it flew over my house."

"I then them on my slippers and ran outside and watched it fly over. I turned my head, I saw another identical craft to the one I was watching when it turned direction and appeared to then go downward. by the time they were done it almost looked like exhaust trails or something ,I’m not sure but same as in the picture and that was all that was left after a few minutes and there cris crossing pattern in the sky above me,” one of the sighting reports on the website added.

Major cities also show a much higher number of sightings, which can be chalked up to a higher awareness and a higher internet affinity.

This is evident in countries like India where only big cities recorded sightings compared to under-developed areas.

Ufologists explained the increase in sightings to test flights of secret military aircraft or natural flashes, and they also have said time and again that internet has a key role in the growth of UFO sighting reports during the last couple of years.

Most of the sightings also seem to be concentrated toward coastal areas across the world, with a majority of sightings clustered around water bodies.

The Great Lakes region of North America also shows a high number of UFO sighting reports.