• Another Dota 2 streamer is facing several sexual allegations from women artists
  • Toby "TobiWan" Dawson follows Grant “GranDGranT” Harris as the second streamer to face sexual harassment allegations
  • A number of women took to Twitter and accused Dawson of sexual assault and "inappropriate sexual advances"

Another “Dota 2” caster is on the hot seat after several women accused him of sexual harassment and assault.

Veteran caster Toby Dawson, better known in the eSports world as “TobiWan,” is the second “Dota 2” personality to face these allegations. Streamer Grant “GranDGranT” Harris was released by Evil Geniuses, an eSports organization based in Seattle, Washington after several reports of his sexual misconduct have surfaced.

Evil Geniuses posted on their Facebook page last Tuesday (June 23) that they parted ways with Harris and is no longer part of the organization.

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The 2014 International "Dota 2" championships. Unikrn hopes that U.S. customers will soon be able to legally place bets on matches like these. Reuters

“We have zero-tolerance workplace policy, and take any accusation of harassment, or a violation of our policies handbook, seriously,” said the post.

But while Harris' alleged lewd acts were done prior to him joining Evil Geniuses, the effects and the negative impact of his actions are still “felt today – by our team, by our community and by our partners.”

Harris' departure came after Twitter user @cofactorstrudel posted a “drunk caster” harassed her during an after-party of The International in 2017. She continued by saying that the caster wouldn't let go of her hand and she had to “wrench it off him” with all her strength.

“The hand-grabby person was Grant Harris. He didn't hurt or threaten me (well, he hurt my wrist a little bit not letting go when I pulled). Just made me feel gross and slimy,” she said.

Harris later apologized and confessed that what he did was “inexcusable alcohol or not.”

Following Harris' public apology, Dawson also took to Twitter to “condemn” his fellow caster's misconduct, saying that “anyone involved in such actions should be held accountable.”

This, however, backfired when several women accused him of the same allegations. @Meruna said in a tweet that Dawson ignored her plea and started “sexual activities” even though she told him she “didn't want to.”

“You disregarded this as I was asleep and I woke up to you doing things.

“I do not wish to go further into detail,” she said.

Another artist, who goes by the handle @botjira claimed that Dawson pinned her down on her hotel room and that she “almost didn't escape.” @ashichrist also shared “proof of inappropriate sexual advances from Toby” where he even said, “This sexual harassment brought to you by Dota casting.”

Dawson answered the allegations fired against him through two TwitLonger messages, but one was taken down after several people deemed it as a “non-apology.” His second message saw the caster addressing several incidents in the past, but he denied the allegations of @botjira.