Amanda Knox
Former American exchange student Amanda Knox is pictured. Netflix

Like she states in the Netflix documentary that bears her name, Amanda Knox, the former American exchange student who stood trial for murder in Italy, is either a psychopath in sheep’s clothing or she’s just like you. But where is Knox now?

Knox's current relationship status has drawn plenty of attention, as many are wondering if she is married to musician Colin Sutherland. The question hails 868,000 results in a Google search.

The last people heard about Knox’s personal life was in February 2015, when she was engaged to Sutherland, a former New York resident who she was friendly with since middle school. While the Seattle native confirmed the engagement, she didn’t add anything else.

Knox, now 28, is not yet married. In fact, her engagement to Sutherland is apparently since she didn’t mention him in the Netflix documentary. Instead, she talked about moving in with her boyfriend, Chris Robinson, in a post for the West Seattle Herald in August 2016.

She compared living with Robinson to life in an Italian prison. “I’m excited to discover what our shared space will be like, because just as our relationship is more than the sum of Chris and Amanda, so must our home be more than the sum of our stuff,” she wrote.

“I’m reminded of how my cell in Capanne prison transformed in character with the arrival or release of even just one prisoner. While none of us was allowed much in the way of material possessions, our combined emotional baggage, when bashed together without consideration, could make an already inescapable situation insufferable, even dangerous.”

Now, she relishes in moving forward. “It may still be the case that, when I call Puget Sound Energy to set up a new utility account, I’m reminded that I’m ‘That girl in Italy?! That Amanda Knox?!’ Yeah, I’m her. I’m also the Amanda Knox who is so excited to be living my life alongside people I love and respect, lugging furniture, scooping cat poop, paying the bills, moving on,” she said.

Knox was definitively exonerated of the 2007 murder of her roommate, British exchange student Meredith Kercher, in March 2015. She served four years in an Italian prison.

Still, not everyone is confident of her innocence, especially many residents in Perugia, Italy, where the murder took place. The conversation came to the forefront once more when Netflix debuted the documentary Friday.

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