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Amanda Knox said she had no intention of being quiet 10 years after her wrongful conviction. Instagram/Amanda Knox

Ten years after her wrongful murder conviction, notorious exoneree Amanda Knox doesn’t intend to go quietly into the night. Knox, now 30, planned to make the most of her normal life by dedicating herself to activism and focusing on her relationship with her boyfriend.

“I’m not disappearing into oblivion,” Knox told People magazine Wednesday. “I have something to say.”

Knox was convicted of murdering her roommate while studying in Italy in 2007. She spent four years in an Italian prison before being exonerated by the Italian Supreme Court in 2015. Since returning to the United States, she’s focused on writing: her work has appeared in national publications and she’s published a memoir.

“Now I have normal-person fears – fears of failure, of not being smart enough or strong enough or kind enough,” she told People.


Looking forward to speaking for the Westside Bar Association!

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Knox said she planned on becoming an activist for others who have been wrongly convicted.

“I’m not free from scrutiny,” she told People. “But now I feel like I can stand up for what I think.”

The fruits of her labor could already be seen in an August opinion piece she wrote for the Los Angeles Times regarding the conviction of Michele Carter, a young woman sentenced after urging her boyfriend to kill himself via text message. Knox compared her own trial to that of Carter’s and wrote that Carter deserved “sympathy and help, not prison.”

“Encouraging your boyfriend to follow through with his own death wish should not qualify [as involuntary manslaughter],” Knox wrote. “Carter may not be innocent in a moral or philosophical sense, but she was wrongfully convicted.”

Knox also told People she was focusing on her boyfriend, novelist Christopher Robinson. The pair live together in Seattle and are writing a reality television show together. She posted photos of herself and Robinson after making her Instagram account public in June. They planned to get married sometime in the future, after her younger sister’s wedding was over, she told People.

“I look forward to that part of my life that I had always taken for granted growing up and then had to let go of in prison and then I suddenly find myself with that as an actual opportunity again,” she said. “I can only be insanely grateful for that.”



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