• Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's divorce drama continues
  • Johnny Depp accused Amber Heard of being physically and emotionally abusive towards him
  • Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's divorce made headlines again after their audio recordings were leaked 

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s messy divorce story continues to make headlines weeks after the audiotapes of them fighting were leaked online.

Now, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star submitted an official declaration to the federal court of Fairfax County, Virginia, where Depp shared more details regarding his abusive relationship with Heard.

Depp recounted the time when the “Aquaman” star reportedly became physically and emotionally abusive towards him after he arrived late at her birthday party. Depp claimed that he informed his ex-wife that he won’t be able to make it on time because of an important meeting.

However, Heard was obviously upset that Depp wasn’t there to kick off her celebrations. According to Depp, the actress repeatedly punched him on his face, leaving an egg-shaped swelling under his right eye.

The “Edward Scissorhands” star also talked about the time when Heard or one of her friends defecated on Depp’s bed. The actor said that the incident happened right before they left for Coachella.

Kevin Murphy, the former couple’s estate manager, spoke to Heard about the incident and was told that it was just a “harmless prank.” However, Depp evidently took offense from the incident.

Meanwhile, Depp also revealed that Heard went berserk after he told her that he wanted to get a divorce. The actress also screamed at Depp while denying the defecation incident.

Depp admitted to picking up the phone and throwing it a few feet away from his ex-wife. However, Heard claimed that the actor threw the phone directly at her.

“I was shocked and immediately denied this absurd allegation because I had neither thrown the phone at her, nor hit her, nor touched her, nor was I physically anywhere near her. Ms. Heard did not know that my two security guards were posted immediately outside the door of the penthouse,” Depp said in his official declaration report.

Following their divorce, Heard filed a domestic violence case against Depp the resulted in the actor being fired from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. Four years later, it has been revealed that Heard was the one that abused Depp.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp attend The Art of Elysium HEAVEN Gala in Culver City, California, Jan. 9, 2016. Getty Images