Controversies regarding Victoria's ambulance service has been raised again after a Kyneton woman was transported to a hospital in Melbourne after three and a half hours.

Graham Haulay's partner Anne experienced a stroke-like symptom caused by brain tumors when doctors at her local surgery requested for an ambulance.

Mr. Gaulay said the ambulance traveled an hour-and-a-half at about one kilometer to transport her to a Melbourne hospital.

He said the medical staff at the hospital were worried about the length of arrival since Anne must get proper treatment immediately. He also branded the ambulance's late arrival as “incompetence.”

Mr. Gaulay said the situation got worse when the ambulance driver got lost twice on the way to the hospital.

I got my iPhone out and used the GPS function and directed the ambulance in, he said.

We got to Western General Hospital at 8:30pm, after the initial call to the ambulance was at about 5:00pm.

Mr. Gaulay said if his partner could be dead if not given proper medication within four hours.

Meanwhile, spokesperson James Howe of Ambulance Victoria disputed claims on the late arrival of Kyneton ambulances during the scene.

I can assure you all of our data is recorded by keystroke and regularly audited. Definitely it was only an hour-and-a-half transport time and fifty minutes from the time that the call came in to when we arrived on scene, he said.

He also reasoned out victims feel the discrepancies in emergency situations because “time does seem to slow down for people in stressful situations”