Thank you for flying on American Airlines- now here's your goodie bag. (

American Airlines (AA) is determined to turn their planes into luxury hotels in the sky, complete with swanky goodie bags. Starting Thursday, September 1, first-class passengers flying on select flights between the U.S. and Heathrow Airport in London will be treated to the carrier's new turndown service. Passengers in the business-class cabin can also expect new perks.

Beginning Sept. 1, first-class customers flying on Boeing 777s between the U.S. and Heathrow will receive a quilted bed topper custom-designed to fit American's popular Flagship Suite, pajamas and slippers as part of the airline's new turndown service. They will also receive a lightweight day blanket, new premium duvet and pillow, and an amenity kit featuring a bag with an authentic Eames Office® design pattern containing Dermalogica® skincare products and other travel necessities.

Also, beginning Sept. 1, customers traveling in American's business class cabin between the U.S. and London onboard Boeing 777s, 767-300s and international 757s will receive a duvet and pillow, slippers, and an amenity kit.

These new perks will be available to all international first-class passengers traveling on Boeing 777s starting October 1. American's business class cabins on all international flights operated by Boeing 777s and 767-300s, and select flights to and from Europe operated by Boeing 757s, will also benefit from the new amenities.

AA hopes their new service-oriented attitude will help them stand out amongst other domestic and international carriers to compete for premium customers. These top-paying customers are vital to the airline industry, which relies on their top-dollar tickets to boost revenues.

This new suite of premium products is a wise investment because it enables us to provide an added level of comfort and style to the in-flight environment - a sentiment applauded by customers on international test flights earlier this month, said Rob Friedman, American Airlines' vice president of marketing.

If you can't afford to shell out the cost of a premium ticket (around $15,000 round-trip from Heathrow) AA recently installed Entertainment On Demand in the cabins on select domestic flights. The new service allows passengers to wirelessly stream movies and TV onto laptops for a flat fee.