Only 48 million pounds of chocolate is sold during Valentine’s week, while over 90 million pounds of chocolate candy is sold in the last week of October leading up to Halloween. Reuters

Chocolate is undeniably one of American’s favorite treats.

Whether it's covering a cool cone of ice cream or sandwiched between two graham crackers and a marshmallow, there are limitless ways to devour the delectable sweet. But how much do you really know about chocolate? In celebration of American Chocolate Week -- which runs March 17 through 23 -- we’ve gathered 20 interesting facts about the sweet-tooth staple.

1. Hershey’s produces more than 80 million chocolate Kisses each day, reveals Random History.

2. The English chocolate company Cadbury made the world's first chocolate bar in the world in 1842.

3. Cacao trees can live to be 200 years old.

4. Despite their long lifespan, though, the trees produce marketable cocoa beans for only 25 years.

5. Each cacao tree can produce approximately 2,500 beans.

6. A cacao tree takes four to five years to produce its first beans.

7. U.S. chocolate manufacturers use about 3.5 million pounds of whole milk every day to make milk chocolate.

8. To make one pound of chocolate, it takes approximately 400 cacao beans.

9. Chocolate was one of the earliest American exports.

10. The biggest cuckoo clock made from chocolate currently resides in Germany.

English ex-pat farmer William Harcourt examines cacao beans on the isolated Las Marias plantation nestled deep in the jungles of the Maya Coast. Reuters

11. While dark chocolate is believed to be beneficial to humans’ health, white chocolate, milk chocolate and other types are not.

12. Mayans used chocolate in both marriage and baptism ceremonies.

13. U.S. chocolate manufacturers use about 3.5 million pounds of whole milk daily to make milk chocolate.

14. There are zero cacao solids in white chocolate.

15. A single chocolate chip can provide enough energy for a person to walk 150 feet.

16. Of the 2.8 billion pounds of candy Americans eat each year, chocolate makes up close to half.

17. Hershey’s Kisses were first made in 1907.

18. The first Kisses were shaped like squares.

19. Chocolate is the only edible substance that melts close to 93 degrees Fahrenheit.

20. The cacao bean naturally features almost 300 different flavors and 400 distinct aromas.