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‘Adult-Only’ Marshmallows, Pascall's Lollies, Use Nudity And Insinuate Sex And Blow Job To Generate Curiosity [VIDEO]

A product of Cadbury, Pascall claims that it does not get caught up in serious things and has a cheeky take on life. This is indeed clear by the latest commercial for the ‘Adults-Only Marshmallow or the Pascall Lolly. The advertisement claims that this marshmallow will make the person that eats it, scream in ecstasy. For a viewer that’s watching it on the computer, the women shouting her co-worker’s name “Roger” appears to be strangely shouting Blowjob.
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Electronics Suppliers Revel in Raspberry Pi Demand

Electronic parts suppliers Premier Farnell and Electrocomponents said huge demand for a British-designed credit card-sized computer, which aims to make programming easy for children, had helped them access new customers around the world.
Men ride their horse carts past an umbrella with a Vodafone logo on a road in Jammu November 21, 2011.

Vodafone Wins India Tax Battle, Shares Rise

Vodafone Group Plc won a $2.2 billion legal battle against India's tax office in a Supreme Court ruling that analysts said would encourage foreign investment and clear the way for the company's planned initial public offering in India.
Vodafone India

Vodafone Wins $2.2-Billion Tax Bill Battle

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Vodafone Group Plc in its fight against a $2.2 billion tax bill, a decision analysts said would encourage foreign investment and clear the way for the company's planned initial public offering in India.
Kraft Food products

Kraft Foods Profit Jumps 22 Percent in Third-Quarter Earnings

Kraft Foods Inc. (KFT) reported a 22 percent leap in third-quarter profits Wednesday from the same period a year ago. The company touted its investments in marketing and new products to help turn increased profits despite significantly higher prices.
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Kraft Boss Bumps Pepsi Chief as Top US Woman Exec

Kraft Foods (KFT.N) boss Irene Rosenfeld is the most powerful woman in U.S. business, Fortune magazine said on Thursday, bumping PepsiCo Inc (PEP.N) chief Indra Nooyi into second spot after five years on top.
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Is Nivea Ad 'Re-Civilizing' Black Men Really Racist?

The latest from the corporate world to join an allegedly racist faction is Nivea which proved that it hasn't learned much from the mistakes of Cadbury and Dove. In its latest print ad advertizing men's skin care range, Nivea juxtaposes a well-groomed African-American male, holding a mask of a bearded African man, with a slogan that says Re-Civilize Yourself.
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Kraft announces split, 18 months after Cadbury buy

Kraft Foods Inc Chief Executive Irene Rosenfeld is breaking up the food giant in a move that has been percolating at Kraft for several years but caught the market by surprise, coming only 18 months after the acquisition of Cadbury.
Oreos Label

Kraft Split: One Gets Cookies, Another Gets Hot Dogs

In a surprising move on Thursday, Kraft Foods decided to split its company into two different sections: one focusing on candy and one focusing on grocery foods. IBTimes takes a look at where Kraft's most famous brands will be headed.


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