AHS: Hotel
Iris (Kathy Bates) discovers that someone has "escaped" from a secret hallway in episode 7 of "American Horror Story: Hotel." FX

“American Horror Story: Hotel” viewers have watched Countess Elizabeth (Lady Gaga) terrorize those that reside at Hotel Cortez, and episode 7 finally revealed her backstory. The latest installment of the FX drama, titled “Flicker,” exposed how The Countess became the blood-drinking villain she is today.

Episode 7 kicks off with contractors discovering a secret hall at Hotel Cortez. But unfortunately for them, they are unable to tell anyone about their discovery. Upon cutting open the wall, two zombie-like creatures that are dressed in flapper clothing from the 20s feast on the men.

Iris (Kathy Bates) informs The Countess about the new development and surprisingly, The Countess looks scared. She doesn’t know what could possibly be hiding behind the wall.

After being locked inside the hall for years, the zombie-like creatures are obviously hungry, and make their way down the hotel. Their next victim is Marcy (Christine Estabrook), the “real-estate agent from hell” that sold Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson) the hotel and the Harmon family the “LA Murder House.” She’s staying at the hotel as a “thank you” from Will Drake for securing him the hotel for such a great price -- which was actually a con on her part. Karma gets her when the creatures rip into her neck.

American Horror Story: Hotel
The Countess (Lady Gaga) doesn't know what was locked inside the walls at Hotel Cortez in episode 7 of "American Horror Story: Hotel." FX

“American Horror Story: Hotel” then cuts to a flashback to Hollywood in 1925. The Countess was just a lowly set extra drooling over one of the big screen’s heartthrob’s, Valentino (Finn Wittrock). That is, until one day, Valentino paid attention to her.

She went back to his home for dinner where the actor wooed her. However, Valentino didn’t tell her that he was still with his wife, Natasha. The Countess was shocked when Natasha came down the stairs and tried to flee. But Natasha wasn’t mad that The Countess was there. In fact, she welcomed her.

The Countess became entangled in a love triangle with the married couple, but was forced to keep their relationship a secret. Then one day, when The Countess went to Hotel Cortez for its opening weekend, she learned that Valentino had died.

Overcome with grief, The Countess tried to jump out a window at Hotel Cortez. But James March (Evan Peters), the owner of the building, stopped her.

March immediately fell in love with The Countess and the two wed shortly after. But The Countess wasn’t in love with March. Every day she would dress in black and visit Valentino’s grave to morn him with a single red rose. But one day Natasha found her.

Natasha revealed to The Countess that Valentino wasn’t dead. And although The Countess had a hard time believing her former lover, she couldn’t deny it when she laid eyes on Valentino himself.

Valentino explained that he met F.W. Murnau, the German film director who made “Nosferatu,” while promoting his latest movie. Murnau told him that talking movies were the future and that he would never survive in this new world. However, he had an offer for Valentino -- a chance to preserve his beauty for all eternity.

Valentino took his offer and faked his death. He then infected Natasha, and came back for Countess Elizabeth.

The Countess revealed that she married March in order to be surrounded by “beautiful things” during her grief. She was drawn to his darkness -- even giving him the idea to kill rich folks to steal their jewels and money. But March’s riches weren’t enough to keep her faithful to him. She agreed to follow Valentino and Natasha and become infected with the ancient blood virus. Unfortunately for her though, March discovered that Valentino was still alive.

“American Horror Story: Hotel” viewers discover that the two zombie-like creatures are actually Valentino and Natasha. But how did they get trapped in the walls of Hotel Cortez? Valentino reveals that it was March’s doing.

In present day, The Countess sits down for her monthly dinner with March -- per their agreement. She informs her ghost ex-husband that she plans to marry again, and he begs her to kill Will Drake off the property so that way it isn’t awkward when he returns. March then takes a dig at her love life. After all these years he finally reveals what happened to her first love.

Another flashback shows that March hired some guys to beat up Valentino and Natasha to stop them from meeting up with The Countess. Countess Elizabeth waited at the train platform, but they never showed. She thought that her lovers abandoned her, but March actually had them locked in a closed off hallway at the hotel.

Countess Elizabeth is horrified to learn about Valentino and Natasha. But she won’t be able to find them in Hotel Cortez. The two, now looking youthful again after drinking some blood, exit onto the streets of Los Angeles.