Promo photos from episode 11 of “American Horror Story” are out – and they are pretty revealing! “Protect The Coven” is set to air next Wednesday, and marks the beginning of the last three episodes of season 3, “Coven.” As the FX mini-series winds down, fans can look forward to the conclusion of some pretty dramatic story lines.

As we previously reported, episode 11 will kick off with the usual “flashback,” and this time viewers will be revisiting Madame LaLaurie in 1830s New Orleans. While we previously witnessed her ugly home life and torturous pastimes, “Protect The Coven” will explore how she “discover[ed] her penchant for cruelty.”

The flashback will cut back to the modern day, where the Coven will be mourning the loss of Nan. Viewers will remember that Fiona and Marie Laveau had teamed up in episode 10 to drown Nan and sacrifice her innocent soul to Papa Legba. Nan’s death will lead Cordelia to once again realize that she needs to stop her mother and protect the Coven.

Unfortunately the Coven has more problems than ailing and desperate Fiona. Now that Hank is dead and the Corporation is hurting financially, the witches must also add Harrison and his right-hand man David to their watch list. The witch hunters will be forced to cover their tracks and plan a “double cross.”

Besides the flashback at the beginning of the episode, Madame LaLaurie will also be turning back up in the modern day. While the synopsis only teases that she’ll find her circumstances “more and more intolerable” and return to a “horrifying pastime of old,” the photos from “Protect The Body” reveal that she’ll have her head (and hand) reattached.

Meanwhile, Myrtle will grant Zoe an “unexpected gift;” Queenie will return, but embittered from previous events; Fiona will begin planning for her future with the Axeman; and Cordelia will make a “desperate sacrifice” in order to gain the strength and power she needs to protect the Coven.

“Protect the Coven” will air on Wednesday, Jan. 15, at 10 p.m. Check out the photos from episode 11 of “American Horror Story” in the slideshow and tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.