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“American Horror Story” has a nasty little habit of going on a killing spree right before the end of a season. While the blood has been flowing throughout the entire season of “Coven,” only a few episodes remain until the Wednesday, Jan. 29 finale of the FX miniseries, which means more deaths are on the horizon.

This season of “American Horror Story” threw in a couple of crazy (and jaw-dropping) twists, thanks to magic. And while it was certainly amusing, it definitely made the body count in “Coven” a little confusing. To clear up who's dead and who's alive, we’ve compiled a list of the season 3 characters and their status:

** This list is accurate as of episode 12, “Go To Hell.” It will be updated again following episode 13, “The Seven Wonders,” on Wednesday, Jan. 29. **


Zoe Benson (Taissa Farmiga) – Zoe is alive and well, which makes her a candidate for the next Supreme. Unfortunately, that also puts a target on her back.

Myrtle Snow (Frances Conroy) – Myrtle was burned at the stake in episode 5 after being framed for crimes against fellow witches by Fiona. Fortunately, innocent Myrtle was given a second chance at life by Misty Day and is now a reborn witch.

Kyle Spencer (Evan Peters) – Kyle’s life was cut short when Madison decided to seek revenge against the fraternity that gang raped her. While Kyle was innocent and chasing after the guilty parties, he ended up getting caught in the crossfire when Madison flipped over the party bus they were all on. Zoe and Madison decided to give Kyle a second chance at life and put the “best” pieces of him back together to create Franken-Kyle. With the help of Misty Day, they were able to bring Kyle back, but he wasn’t the same as before. Fiona used her magic to fix him and turn him into a guard dog for the Coven.

Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) – Madison’s throat was cut by Fiona when the Supreme believed the teen to be next in line for the title. After rotting in Spalding’s attic for a couple episodes, Madison’s body was recovered by Zoe and restored to life by Misty Day. Since coming back from the dead, she no longer has a heart murmur, which now makes her a true contender for Supreme.

Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) – Queenie shot herself in the head in episode 9 in order to kill Hank. Fortunately, she’s a human voodoo doll, and was able to revive herself ... silver bullet and all!

Misty Day (Lily Rabe) – Misty Day was buried alive by Madison but brought back to life with the help of Queenie in episode 12.


Spalding (Denise O’Hare) – After Spalding was discovered to be holding Madison’s body, Zoe decided to restore his tongue to get the truth out of him. An enchantment revealed that Spalding covered up for Fiona (and would do it again in a heartbeat), leading Zoe to make the decision to stab him in the chest. While we don’t know what happened to his body (it could very well be rotting in the attic), his spirit visited Fiona to convince her to throw up the pills she took to kill herself.

Cecily Pembroke (Robin Barlett) – Pembroke may have apologized for burning Myrtle at the stake, but that wasn’t good enough for the former council member. As payback, Myrtle paralyzed Cecily and dismembered her body, removing an eyeball for Cordelia before disintegrating the rest of her in acid.

Quentin (Leslie Jordan) – Quentin met the same fate as Pembroke and had one of his eyes removed by Myrtle before being chopped up.

Luke Ramsey (Alexander Dreymon) – Against his mother’s wishes, Luke befriended Nan at Miss Robichaux’s. Accidentally shot by Hank who was trying to shoot Nan, Luke was put in a coma where God told him that his mother had murdered his father. When he woke up and accused Joan of killing his dad, Joan used a pillow to smother him to death. Nan wanted to bring him back to life but his body was cremated by Joan.

Hank Foxx (Josh Hamilton) – While appearing to be the loving husband of Cordelia, Hank was actually a witch hunter set to infiltrate the Coven. He grew to love Cordelia and to protect her went on a shooting spree at Cornrow City. Hank was killed when Queenie used her human voodoo doll power to blow his brains out.

Joan Ramsey (Joan Ramsey) – “B---- had it coming,” Fiona says. And based on the fact that she murdered her husband and son, we’d have to agree with the Supreme. Nan avenged Luke’s death in episode 10 by using her magic to force his mom to “cleanse” herself by chugging a bottle of bleach.

Nan (Jamie Brewer) – Nan made the mistake of running her mouth to Fiona and Marie, which resulted in her untimely death in episode 10. The Supreme and the Queen of Voodoo teamed up to drown the young witch and sacrificed her “for the most part” innocent soul to Papa Legba. “American Horror Story” co-creator Ryan Murphy confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Nan is “sadly gone for good.”

David (Mike Colter) **UPDATE** Harrison's right-hand man was slaughtered in the Axeman's attack on Delphi Trust.

Harrison Renard (Michael Cristofer) – **UPDATE** Hank's father was killed by Fiona when she used the Axeman's weapon to slice a hole in Harrison's throat.

Madame Delphine LaLaurie (Kathy Bates)**UPDATE** After making a pact with Papa Legba, Queenie was able to devise a plan that would end Madame LaLaurie's eternal life. She died in episode 12 when she was stabbed by Queenie, and is forced to spend eternity in her own personal hell as she watches Marie Laveau torture her children.

Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett) – **UPDATE** Queenie's pact with Papa Legba also sealed the fate of Marie Laveau. Chopped up by Madame LaLaurie, Marie Laveau was still alive until Papa Legba decided to end their agreement. Like Madame LaLaurie, Marie Laveau is also now in hell.

Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange)**UPDATE** Cordelia was able to use a vision she had of her mother slaughtering the whole Coven against her. Seeing that Fiona had plans on abandoning her lover after killing the next Supreme, Cordelia decided to take her vision to the Axeman. The result was the Axeman slicing Fiona up with his axe in a fit of rage over her betrayal.

The Axeman (Danny Huston) – **UPDATE** The Axeman was stabbed to death by the girls at Miss Robichaux’s in 1919. His spirit remained trapped in the house and was released accidentally by Zoe. He was murdered (again) in episode 12 by the witches at Miss Robichaux's when he tried to attack them with his axe after murdering Fiona. The girls used his own weapon against him, plus stabbed him to death with a series of knives.

In Limbo

The Minotaur (Ameer Baraka) – Bastien was Marie Laveau’s lover and a house servant in Madame LaLaurie’s house in the 1830’s before he was accused of raping her youngest daughter, Pauline. LaLaurie tortured Bastien and placed a hollowed bull’s head over his head. He ended up dying from his wounds/suffocation. Marie Laveau made him immortal, but Bastien remained as a Minotaur. The last time we saw him, Fiona had decapitated the Minotaur and sent his still-living head to Cornrow City.