Farmiga In 'American Horror Story'
The corpse dummy of Taissa Farmiga can be seen in "American Horror Story" season one's episode 10,"Smoldering Children." FX

Has “American Horror Story” leaked a character death for season three, “Coven"? Actress Sarah Paulson took to Twitter to share a disturbing photo of her season one and upcoming season three co-star, Taissa Farmiga, but the picture isn’t exactly what you think.

Farmiga was cast in “American Horror Story: Coven” in February. Ryan Murphy, the co-creator of the FX mini-series, revealed that her character would be involved in a big romance in season three, explaining that season two missed the “young star-crossed lovers element.”

With season three is set to begin filming soon, other details like her character description and love interest have been kept quiet. And unfortunately Sarah Paulson’s tweet doesn’t spoil any “Coven” plot lines!

The photo that Paulson posted on Twitter is of a corpse that looks like Farmiga, but that doesn’t mean that Farmiga’s mysterious character is doomed. The corpse is actually of the 18-year-old’s “American Horror Story” season one character, Violet Harmon.

In the L.A. Murder House’s episode 10, “Smoldering Children,” Violet learned something about herself that she didn’t know -- she had died. Violet had overdosed on sleeping pills after learning that her boyfriend, Tate (Evan Peters), was a ghost and murderer. Initially not realizing she was dead (thanks to the magic of the Murder House), her body (the same one in the photo that Paulson tweeted) was discovered by a bug exterminator.

Based on Paulson’s tweet, it appears that Farmiga’s corpse double is still lingering around the “American Horror Story” office! (Fingers crossed her season-three character has a happier ending.)

Farmiga will be starring in “Coven” alongside her former on-screen beau, Evan Peters, although no word on whether Peters will be the other half in the “young star-crossed lovers element.” If the two do rekindle an on-screen romance, Farmiga’s character might have some competition from Peter’s real-life girlfriend and new addition to “American Horror Story,” Emma Roberts. Roberts will be playing Madison, who, according to, is a “young and sexy Hollywood actress type.”

“American Horror Story: Coven” will air in October on FX.