The latest episode of “American Horror Story: Coven” exposed Cordelia’s gruesome injury, shed more light on Madame LaLaurie, and gave Marie Laveau a new witch to worry about. Find out who possibly revealed themselves to be the new Supreme in episode 5 of “Coven.”


This week’s flashback cut to All Hallow’s Eve in New Orleans in 1833. While “American Horror Story” viewers may have begun to feel sorry for Madame LaLaurie, her cruelty was once again exposed through the flashback.

During a party, her eldest daughter, Borquita, was introduced to a perspective suitor. But LaLaurie wanted to make sure he was man enough for her daughter so she took him through her “chamber of horrors.”

The man wasn’t exposed to the room which had her slaves locked up and mutilated. Instead she took him to a back room and asked him to guess what “horrors” were in the bowls. Instead of peeled grapes, the man reached into a bowl of real eyeballs that LaLaurie ripped from her slaves. Instead of a string of sausages, the man grasped at guts from slaves that were brutally sliced open while they were conscious.

Running from the room in fear, LaLaurie told her daughter that her suitor wasn’t man enough for her if he couldn’t handle her chamber of horrors.  But LaLaurie’s daughters are not grateful that they’re mother is looking out for them. Angry with LaLaurie’s latest stint about how they treat her and the slaves, the girls joke about killing their mother. But unfortunately for them LaLaurie heard their whole exchange and didn’t find it funny.

To punish her daughters, LaLaurie takes them in the middle of the night. Chaining them up in the same room that she tortures her slaves, LaLaurie promises to release her daughters in a year. As for the one daughter that came up with the plan to kill her – she promises to stuff her “conniving mouth full of s**t on Christmas morning.”


Like last week, “Burn, Witch, Burn” picked back up with LaLaurie’s three daughters on the front steps of the Academy.  With Fiona and Cordelia not answering their phones, the young witches plus Spalding, Luke and LaLaurie are left to defend themselves. Zoe quickly takes charge, but Luke doesn’t believe that they are really zombies.

Stepping outside to try to get them to leave the property, Luke finds out the hard way that they are the dead raised by Marie Laveau. The Voodoo queen, who is hovering in the air at her store, tells the dead to “begin” … and they quickly stab Luke in the back.

Nan goes after Luke and manages to pull him to the safety of an open car. But the zombies quickly break the windows. Zoe steps in and distracts the zombies by hitting together some pots and pans, allowing Nan and Luke time to try to make their way from the car to the house.

But Zoe’s plan backfires when she ends up getting stuck in a shed with no one to escape the angry zombies. Nan’s in a similar boat when the zombies quickly lose interest and head back towards her and Luke … who are struggling due to Luke’s injury.

Zoe manages to find a chainsaw and quickly begins to hack away at the zombies, giving Nan and Luke enough time to get into the house.

Thinking that she’s killed the last zombie, Zoe shuts off the chainsaw. However one is lurking behind her and the chainsaw won’t start back up. In an insane twist, Zoe – who so far only revealed herself to have the power to kill someone by having sex with them – lifted up her hand and made not only the zombie collapse, but Marie Laveau as well.

“There’s real power in that witch house now,” Laveau says in shock.

Perhaps the new Supreme has shown herself?

Cordelia’s Fate

Although Cordelia and Fiona were never close, Fiona is visibly distraught over her daughter’s attack. Due to the sulfuric acid thrown on her face, Cordelia is now blind and disfigured.

Feeling overwhelmed with guilt, Fiona drugs herself with painkillers and roams the halls of the hospital. While walking she comes across a patient who grabs her, telling her, “You didn’t throw the acid but you mine as well have.”

Escaping his grip, Fiona sees a hooded figure walk into an elevator. Continuing to stumble down the hall, Fiona walks into a room with a random patient that is crying out in pain. The woman gave birth to a stillborn baby, but Fiona brings it back to life as a way of trying to make up for her own loss with Cordelia. Finding her way back into her daughter’s room, Fiona comes face-to-face with he son-in-law, Hank. Calling him out for his “bullsh*t, she tells him that Cordelia is now blind and that he should just leave now. But Hank refuses. At the request of the nurse, Fiona leaves him alone with Cordelia.

Going to his wife, Hank reaches for her hand. But the movement sends Cordelia visions of Hank having sex and killing the woman from episode 4.

The Council Returns

The girls are burning the zombie bodies the next day and Fiona has returned from the hospital. Cordelia’s injury appears to have changed the Supreme, leading her to even thank Zoe for her service to the Coven. However Fiona quickly returns back to her old self when the Council of Witchcraft shows up and asks her to step down as Supreme.

The Council says that they’ll be in charge until a new Supreme manifests, but Fiona is not willing to hand her power over. Instead she accuses Myrtle of using her lapdogs to help steal the Supreme title – and that the Coven is being attacked from within.

Fiona claims that she saw Myrtle as the hooded figure at the hospital and that she was in New Orleans at the time of Madison’s death. Ripping off Myrtle’s glove, Fiona exposes burn marks that are caused by the same acid that disfigured Cordelia.

The Council makes the decision to burn Myrtle, and the witch says she’ll go “proudly to the flame.” The whole Coven watches as Myrtle is tied to a stake, doused in gasoline, and lit on fire.

But was Myrtle framed? An upset Queenie approaches Fiona after the burning to tell her that she feels guilty and wants to know if she helped kill an innocent or guilty woman. It’s revealed that the acid burn on Myrtle’s hand was caused from sulfuric acid – but not from throwing it at Cordelia. Instead it was from the human voodoo doll, Queenie.

Myrtle may have a chance to fight back though thanks to the help of Misty Day. The witch with the power of resurgence finds Myrtle’s charred body and uses her power to bring her back to life.

As For Madison …

Instead of disposing of Madison’s body, Spalding kept it upstairs with his dolls. In episode 5 “American Horror Story,” viewers discovered that Spalding had the dead witch dressed like a doll and tucked away in a box.

Spraying the room down with air freshener to mask the smell of her decaying body, he tries to pull her out of the box. But Madison’s body is heavy … and quickly decaying. Instead of pulling her out, Spalding ends up just pulling off an arm.

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