American Horror Story
Twisty the Clown was unmasked in episode 2 of "American Horror Story: Freak Show." FX

“American Horror Story: Freak Show” continued on FX on Oct. 15, telling the tale of Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange) and her band of freaks. However the true star of the mini-series is Twisty the Clown (John Carroll Lynch).

In episode 1 the half-masked killer wreaked havoc on the small town of Jupiter by killing three people and kidnapping two. But his trail of terror didn’t stop there. The murder and manic smile continued into episode 2, “Massacres and Matinees.”

Because of Twisty the Clown’s murder spree (and the murder of Bette and Dott’s mother), the town of Jupiter was put on curfew in the second episode of Season 4. Unfortunately that didn’t bode well for the freak show, which was already struggling to fill their seats. However that wasn’t their only issue. They had to cover up the death of the cop they killed, and deal with a new addition – Strongman Dell Toledo (Nichael Chiklis) and his three-breasted hermaphrodite wife, Desiree Dupree (Angela Bassett).

Meanwhile, Gloria Mott (Frances Conroy) was trying to keep her son, Dandy (Finn Wittrock), occupied after they failed to acquire Bette and Dot (Sarah Paulson). Dandy tried to join the freak show, however Jimmy Darling (Evan Peters) sent him packing. Dandy returned upset, but Gloria had a surprise waiting for him – Twisty the Clown.

Gloria had found Twisty while she was driving down the road. Twisty was casually strolling … after decapitating a toy storeowner and stabbing his employee in the neck. Ignoring his blood stained clothes and seemingly scalped wig, Gloria offered Twisty money to come to her house and play with her son.

Dandy was ready to play with Twisty when he found the clown waiting for him.

“Amuse me, Clown,” he told him. “I’m sure mother has paid you handsomely.”

But just like episode 1 of “American Horror Story,” Twisty the Clown just stared silently.

“Your silence is utterly provocative,” Dandy said when Twisty failed to follow his orders. “But you’ll have to earn your keep, Clown. Come. Find a toy and show me what kind of clown you truly are.”

Twisty the Clown followed Dandy to an elaborate toy chest. But Dandy had ulterior motives. He didn’t care if Twisty found a toy to play with – Dandy simply wanted to see what was inside the clown’s bag of tricks.

Dandy began tossing things like juggling batons out of Twisty’s bag, and eventually he found something that was jaw dropping. American Horror Story” viewers didn’t get to see what Dandy saw, but it was bad enough that Twisty knocked him on the head and fled the room.

For a clown that had murdered three people and taken two hostages in week one, simply hitting Dandy was shocking. But Dandy proved to fans that he wasn’t a normal boy – he was just as twisted as Twisty.

Dandy may have received a knock on the head, but he got up and trailed Twisty back to the abandoned school bus in the woods. The clown’s two hostages managed to get their hands on a piece of wood with nails and hatched a plan to escape. Twisty walked onto the bus and sat down with the hostages, showing them a wind-up robot he stole from the toy store. When Twisty pulled out the severed head of the toy store employee (which was the shocking object that Dandy found) the two hostages freaked out and put their escape plan in action. The woman whose boyfriend Twisty killed took the piece of wood and hit him across the face. She made a run for it, but it was what was left behind that had viewers glued to the screen.

The piece of wood knocked off the crazy smile mask that covered Twisty the Clown’s mouth. What was underneath the mask? Something so utterly horrifying that there are almost no words to explain it.

Besides a photo, the only real way to give a clear image of Twisty the Clown is to say that whatever your mother told you about not brushing your teeth is what happened to Twisty … x 1000. The clown not only had no lips, but was missing a large chunk of the bottom of his face. Some teeth were visible, but it was completely unclear if what was in his mouth was gums, maggots or something else entirely.

While Twisty the Clown’s unmasking was definitely one of the most disturbing moments of episode 2, fans received another shock when Dandy decided to join in on Twisty’s fun. When Twisty’s two hostages tried to escape, Twisty managed to get his hands on the little boy. However the woman escaped … until she ran into Dandy. He brought the woman back to Twisty, playfully telling him: “Clown, look what I have for you!”

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