American Horror Story
Del Toledo (Michael Chiklis) had to make a deal with Stanley (Denis O'Hare) in Season 4, episode 7 of "American Horror Story." FX

Dandy’s secret is out! Episode 7 of “American Horror Story: Freak Show” aired on FX on Wednesday night, and one freak caught onto Dandy’s dark and twisted hobby.

Episode 7, “Test of Strength,” picked up where episode 6 left off. Fans will remember that Jimmy (Evan Peters) had gone to Dandy (Finn Wittrock) and Gloria’s (Frances Conroy) house looking for Bette and Dot (Sarah Paulson). It had initially looked like Dandy was going to stab Jimmy, but the serial killer surprised viewers when he agreed to bring him to see the twins.

Bette was smitten with Dandy and didn’t want to leave. To further complicate things, Bette was confused as to why Jimmy had lied about saving people from Twisty the Clown (John Carroll Lynch) when Dandy claimed to have been the savior. That was when Jimmy was able to put two and two together that Dandy was the second clown that had attacked him and Maggie (Emma Roberts). Desperate to get the twins out of there, Jimmy made his plea to Dot. And fortunately Dot knew that something was off with Dandy.

While Dandy told Bette that “love trumps everything,” Bette agreed to follow Dot when her sister said that they had to go. Dandy was left crying as the twins returned to the freak show.

Jimmy was livid when he returned to the camp. Singing Nirvana’s “Come As You Are,” Jimmy finished his act and told Elsa that he was going to be the midway act. Elsa laughed in his face, but Jimmy wasn’t joking. “We don’t take orders from liars,” he told her as the other freaks stood by his side.

It was then that the twins made their presence known to Elsa. But instead of throwing Elsa under the bus, Dot chose to save the freak show leader. While Elsa’s story was that the twins ran away, Dot lied and said that they had simply wanted to experience the finer things and asked Elsa to drop them off at Dandy and Gloria’s.

Jimmy was confused, believing that Elsa had “sold them off like pets.” But Bette insisted that she had “helped” them. Needless to say, Elsa was just as confused by Bette and Dot’s words as everyone else.

As the twins rejoined the freak show, Del Toledo (Michael Chiklis) was at the gay bar looking for Andy (Matt Bomer). But as “American Horror Story” viewers know, Dandy had murdered Andy. Del didn’t end up leaving with anyone, but Stanley (Denis O’Hare) had a surprise for him waiting at the freak show -- blackmail.

Stanley warned Del that he’d tell the whole camp that he was gay -- and shoot him in the “jewels” -- if he didn’t agree to kill one of the freaks for him. Stanley wanted it clean, the body in tact and for it to look like they had simply disappeared.

Not ready to have his secret come out, Del agreed to play along. Later that night he broke into Amazon Eve’s (Erika Ervin) tent in an attempt to make her his victim. But he underestimated Amazon Eve’s strength, and she beat him up before kicking him out.

Ethel (Kathy Bates), Desiree (Angela Bassett) and the other freaks were up in arms over Del’s actions. Ethel’s solution was to kill him, however Jimmy asked that he be given the chance to kick Del out before they did anything drastic. He approached Del and the pair headed into town for a drink.

It looked like Del was going to kill Jimmy, but the pair ended up bonding over a couple of shots. Del even got Jimmy to take his gloves off and promised to break the skull of anyone who looked at him funny.

Things almost took an ugly turn when the pair left the bar. Jimmy was sick from the amount of alcohol he drank and wasn’t paying attention when Del picked up a brick. However Del couldn’t go through with killing Jimmy after he revealed that he knew Del was his dad and a member of the “Toledo Lobster Clan.”

Del admitted that he was Jimmy’s father and the pair hugged it out before returning to camp. Jimmy warned him that Ethel and the others wanted to kill him, but Del insisted that he’d figure it out.

Unfortunately Del still had to figure out what to do with Stanley. The con man was getting antsy about getting his hands on the body of a freak and made it clear to Del that he had no problem opening his mouth about his sexuality.

American Horror Story
Penny (Grace Gummer) had no idea that her father had a surprise send off for her in Season 4, episode 7 of "American Horror Story." FX

Outside of the freak show, Paul the Illustrated Seal’s (Mat Fraser) townie girlfriend, Penny (Grace Gummer), returned home to taunt her dad one last time and pack her things. Her dad agreed that he couldn’t stop her and didn’t plan on becoming a murderer. However, he wasn’t just going to let his daughter leave the house to live with the freaks. Penny’s dad brought out a “friend” -- a frightening man covered in tattoos. Somehow Penny was knocked unconscious, and her dad’s friend went to work on her. When Penny woke up she was in a lot of pain. A mirror revealed that her dad had her face tattooed to look like lizard scales ... and her tongue was forked.

Penny went to see Paul, who was horrified at her forced mutilation.

“Oh God, this is my fault,” he told her. “What have I done?”

Meanwhile at the freak show, the twins were blackmailing Elsa. Bette revealed that they weren’t going to go to Hollywood because they don’t trust Stanley, and that they wanted to stay at the freak show. In order to stay quiet, Bette demanded that she be allowed to do a comedy act, eat caviar for breakfast, be able to die her hair blond, and get 20% of the box office. Dot was oddly quiet, and when Elsa questioned her she demanded 50% of the box office.

Elsa was suspicious of Dot’s desire for money. As Bette got her hair dyed, Elsa slipped Dot a note saying that she’d help her buy anything she wanted and that her secret would be safe with her. Dot decided to take her up on her offer and promised that she’d stay quiet if Elsa put her in touch with the doctor from Chicago who separated the other conjoined twins.

Elsa revealed Dot’s request to Stanley. She wanted Stanley to find the doctor and send the twins to Chicago. But Stanley had a better idea -- a mercy killing. Elsa initially seemed surprised ... but then agreed.

Season 4, episode 7 of “American Horror Story” concluded with Stanley getting his freak -- but not Bette and Dot. Del followed through on his agreement with Stanley and went to Ma Petite’s (Jyoti Amge) tent. He gifted an unsuspecting Ma Petite with a new dress, and when she went to hug him he began to squeeze her to death. Ma Petit struggled until Del broke her neck.

“I’m sorry,” he told her lifeless body.

The episode then cut to the Museum of Morbid Curiosities. The museum curator had a new exhibit -- the smallest woman in the world.