“American Horror Story” will return with more twists and turns when episode 7 of “Freak Show” airs Wednesday, Nov. 19. Curious as to what’s in store for Season 4 of the FX miniseries? Angela Basset, who plays the role of Desiree Dupree (a hermaphrodite in Elsa Mars’ [Jessica Lange] Freak Show), teased the answer.

During an interview, the actress told Emmy Magazine that fans can anticipate her character to grow closer to another freak as the installment progresses -- and no, we’re not talking about the Strongman or his son. While responding to a question regarding what it’s like to act with a talented cast, the actress divulged the answer.

“I couldn’t believe I’d get an opportunity to work with Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates in a lifetime, especially at the same time. It’s wonderful. In some years, I mean, well, last year most of my scenes were with Kathy and Jessica. This year, mostly Chiklis, and now Emma Roberts and the like,” she revealed.

Bassett added that Roberts knows how to lighten the mood when moments on the set of “Freak Show” get very dark and heavy. “Emma is pretty crazy, especially last night, it was she and I till midnight outdoors in the cold.  She’s pretty funny.”

Up until episode 6, Bassett and Roberts’ characters haven’t really interacted, so it will be interesting to see how their relationship will evolve. At least we know the gals will have one thing to bond over as they shiver during late-night shoots: The hots they have for Lobster Boy. 

Roberts portrays the role of Maggie Esmerelda, a con artist working in cahoots with Stanley (Denis O’Hare). The two arrived to Jupiter after being informed that they could make a nice chunk of change if they were to deliver a freak to the American Morbidity Museum. However, their plan has since been slightly altered when Maggie started taking a liking to Jimmy Darling (Evan Peters), the show’s warm-hearted Lobster Boy.

In “Bullseye,” Stanley had demanded that Maggie lure Jimmy to a barn so that he could kill him, amputate his claws and sell them to the museum. However, Maggie had devised an easier, less messy plan for her money-obsessed friend. Instead of involving Jimmy in Stanley’s evil ploy, she suggested the murder of Ma Petit (Jyoti Amge) -- an easier kill. But ultimately, Maggie couldn’t go through with killing the show’s tiniest freak. And instead she returned to the tent and begged Jimmy to run away with her.

But due to Bassett’s revelation of her and Roberts' character working close together, it doesn’t seem like Maggie will be leaving Elsa’s camp anytime soon. And the same can be said for Desiree. She has been, once again, chained to the carny lifestyle after Dell Toledo broke the fingers of her doctor, which prevented him from performing a surgery that would reduce the size of Desiree’s “ding-a-ling” (an enlarged clitoris), making her a “normal” woman.

How do you think Desiree and Maggie will interact with one another as Season 4 of “American Horror Story” continues? Tune in to episode 7, “Test of Strength,” when “Freak Show” continues Wednesday, Nov. 19.