American Horror Story
Paul the Illustrated Seal (Matt Fraser) may not live to see another episode of "American Horror Story: Freak Show." FX

The twisted terror on “American Horror Story: Freak Show” continued into episode 6, “Bullseye.” Fans of the FX mini-series have watched numerous villains grace the screen in Season 4 – but it appears as if one has been hiding in plain sight.

“Bullseye” kicked off with Elsa (Jessica Lange) breaking out a new prop to use for her television gig – a spinning wheel for her to throw knives. According to the freak show ringleader, she had been a pro at hitting an apple off the head of a person. However time has not been kind to her. While speaking with Ethel (Kathy Bates) about her weeklong birthday discussion, Elsa hit the dummy strapped to the wheel.

Things didn’t get easier for Elsa in episode 6. Her birthday celebration was supposed to focus on her, however the rest of the freaks couldn’t stop worrying about Bette and Dot (Sarah Paulson). Elsa told everyone that the twins ran off when she took them dress shopping … but the truth was that she sold them to Gloria (Francis Conroy) and Dandy (Finn Wittrock). When the freaks wouldn’t stop talking about Bette and Dot, she warned them to start having fun or she’d put someone on her wheel.

Fortunately the girls were alright (for the time being) in Dandy’s care.

“I would never violate those girls,” he told his mother when she gifted him with condoms. “I love them. I didn’t think I could feel love until I met them.”

Gloria wanted to see her son happy, however she was worried that him being with the twins would push them further into isolation from society. But Dandy didn’t care. He told his mother that he was a freak just like the twins.

“I’m going to marry those girls, mother,” Dandy told Gloria. “We’re going to be together forever.”

Dandy wasn’t the only one developing a romance in episode 6 of “American Horror Story: Freak Show.” Paul the Illustrated Seal (Matt Fraser) was revealed to be Elsa’s secret lover. However, Paul had another secret lover – Penny the candy striper (Grace Gummer) that Elsa convinced to run away to the freak show at the beginning of the season. The candy striper had claimed that she was drugged and raped, but she seemed to have developed strong feelings for Paul. And Paul definitely had strong feelings for her. As he sat next to her in her bedroom, he told her that he was in love with her.

Of course “American Horror Story” isn’t set up for happy endings. While Bette was basking in Dandy’s attention, Dot was miserable being away from Jimmy (Evan Peters) and the rest of the freak show tent. But her attitude changed when she figured out that Dandy could be her ticket out of there. Although she’d never be able to afford surgery to separate herself from Bette, Dandy had enough money to slice them in half – and allow Dot to start a life on her own without Bette (even if it meant that Bette died).

As Dot fantasized about living alone, Paul fantasized about his life with Penny. However Penny got put on the backburner when he ran into Dandy and put two-and-two together that he was the one who had the twins. Paul told his theory to Jimmy, but Jimmy wasn’t buying it. He slapped Paul for thinking that Elsa was capable of something so horrific.

Elsa’s true colors weren’t the only thing that Jimmy couldn’t see. He was also blinded by Maggie’s (Emma Roberts) beauty. Maggie was still at the freak show on orders from Stanley (Denis O’Hare). The pair dreamed of capturing the twins and selling their heads to the American Morbidity Museum, but had to hatch a different plan when they disappeared. Stanley’s next train of thought? Kill Jimmy and ship his lobster hands to the museum. Stanley’s plan required Maggie to lure Jimmy to a barn. But Maggie couldn’t bring herself to kill Jimmy … however she told Stanley that she’d be fine killing Ma Petite (Jyoti Amge).

Maggie’s plan wasn’t the only horrific scheme in episode 6 of “American Horror Story.” Elsa discovered that Paul was seeing another girl and confronted him about it. Paul wasted no time in telling Elsa that she possessed a “demonic soul” and warned her to come clean about the twins. His harsh words led Elsa to have a massive meltdown, and force everyone to wake up for an emergency meeting. When everyone arrived she yelled at them for gossiping behind her back – but no one knew what she was talking about. No one – except Paul – could fathom the idea that the woman who saved them could be responsible for getting rid of the twins.

Unfortunately Elsa didn’t believe them. She told them that the only way anyone was leaving the tent as if they proved their trust and loyalty to her … by getting on the wheel.

Jimmy immediately volunteered, but Paul stepped in and said that he should be the one to do it. The first two daggers missed Paul as Elsa ranted about “fate” – but the third dagger hit him right in the gut. Elsa immediately claimed it to be an accident … but viewers knew better by the look on her face.

Paul wasn’t lucky, but Ma Petit was. Maggie brought her all the way to the barn and put her in a jar before changing her mind about killing her. The next day she kissed Jimmy and asked him to run far away with her. He agreed, but said he had to do one thing first. That worked out good for Maggie – because Stanley was waiting for her in her tent. He knew she was getting cold feet and warned her that he was going through with their first plan – kill Jimmy.

Jimmy had went to Dandy’s house to look for the twins. But before he got there Dandy had a massive meltdown after reading Dot’s diary. Dot wrote that she thought the “man boy” was “yuck” and that she was using him to collect enough money for her surgery. Dandy was heartbroken and told his mom that he was never destined to feel love.

“I know why I was put here, mother,” he told Gloria. “My purpose is to bring death.”

When Jimmy showed up at the door, Dandy had a knife tucked into his pants. He welcomed Jimmy into the house … but “American Horror Story” viewers will have to wait until next week to see what will unfold.

Episode 6, “Bullseye,” ended with Paul’s life in limbo thanks to Elsa’s dagger wound; the twins and Jimmy's life in Dandy's hands; and Ethel warning Elsa that she’d kill her if she found out she was lying about Bette and Dot.