“American Horror Story”
A surprising survivor was revealed during Season 6, episode 10 of “American Horror Story.” FX

Just when viewers thought they had it all figured out Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and the “American Horror Story” Season 6 writers flipped the script. Many believed the sole survivor of Sidney Aaron James’ faux reality show “Return to Roanoke” had been revealed in episode 9, but the show returned Wednesday night with a finale ending no one saw coming.

During episode 10, Lee (Adina Porter) is interviewed by world renowned journalist Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson). The interview quickly went south as questions were raised about Lee’s daughter, Flora (Saniyya Sidney). Lana revealed that Flora went missing not long before their interview and speculated that the “Return to Roanoke” star — who “American Horror Story” viewers learned narrowly missed being convicted of murder due to questionable testimonies — took her.

Lee responded with a comment about Lana’s son, a callback to Season 2 of “American Horror Story,” before she completely lost it. The interview was interrupted by one of the few remaining Polk family members, who entered with an assault rifle in hand with which he planned to kill Lee. Police shot and killed him before he could get to her, but he was able to injure Lana with the butt of his gun.

After the interview, the cast of another show about paranormal activity decided to film their series in the “Return to Roanoke” house. They entered with all the necessary equipment and before long were encountered by several ghosts and one surprise live visitor. Lee returned to the house to look for Flora, who made it clear in previous footage that she wanted to live with her ghost friend Priscilla (Estelle Hermansen). She warned the ghost hunters to leave the premises, but was too late — the pig man, The Butcher and more showed up within minutes, killing them and the first policemen who arrived on the scene.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Lee attempted to convince her daughter to come home with her. Flora was not interested, telling her mother that she felt she needed to protect Priscilla from The Butcher. She said she wanted her ghost friend to kill her so she could help her, but that Priscilla repeatedly refused. Realizing that there was nothing she can do to sway her, Lee offered to let Priscilla kill her if Flora would go home with her grandparents. The child agreed and left the house as it exploded from what police believed was a gas leak. Flora — the true sole survivor — got one final look at Priscilla and Lee before driving off the property for good.

Many forgot that Flora was still in the running as the sole survivor after Season 6, episode 9 of “American Horror Story.” During the episode, Lee was crawling through the woods to get back to the farmhouse when she was met by Scathach (Lady Gaga), who offered her a pig’s heart. The heart temporarily healed her, but also left her under a strange spell. Spouting Puritan hatred, she returned to the house to kill Monet (Angela Bassett).

Lee wanted to kill Audrey (Sarah Paulson) as well, but was unable. Police arrived on the scene and found Lee asleep on the grass. As Audrey was being put inside a police car, she began screaming and moving toward Lee. The “Return to Roanoke star attempted to kill her and was gunned down by police, making Lee the only survivor of that show. As was revealed during the finale, however, Lee struggled to cope with what happened during filming for the reality show and wished she hadn’t survived.

It is unclear at this time when “American Horror Story” will return for Season 7. The concept should be announced by spring 2017, according to Murphy.