“American Horror Story”
Which of the “Return to Roanoke” participantes survived on Season 6 of “American Horror Story”? FX

After several weeks of guessing, “American Horror Story” Season 6 viewers finally learned which of the seven participants in Sidney’s faux reality show, “Return to Roanoke,” made it out alive.

During “Chapter 6,” the episode in which the entire plot of the FX original series changed, it was revealed via title card that all but one of the actors and original survivors would make it out alive. During “Chapter 9,” which aired on Wednesday, “American Horror Story” fans learned that Lee (Adina Porter) was the last living cast/crew member on the fake TV show.

She survived after being possessed by Scathach (Lady Gaga), who offered her a pig heart to give her strength. Lee killed a hiker and Monet (Angela Basset) while under Scathach’s spell, all the while spewing a Puritan-like rhetoric. She repeatedly said that the property on which the farmhouse sat would be “cleansed by blood,” telling various people she encountered that they didn’t belong. She came out of the spell after the blood moon and was found by police, who took her to safety. Lee was nearly killed by Audrey (Sarah Paulson), who was angry after learning that she had, in fact, burned Mason (Charles Malik Whitfield) to death, but police shot the British actress before she could fire her gun.

The episode kicked off not long after Lee and Audrey made it back to the farmhouse from the Polk family grow house they were being held captive in. Monet had been left behind. Though the fear in both women had intensified, both agreed — at the urging of Dylan (Wes Bentley), who had been playing the pigman — to go back for Monet before making a run for it.

They got to the Polk’s farm and decided to split up. Dylan was going to work on starting a rundown pickup truck while Lee and Audrey looked for weapons and Monet inside. Audrey found a gun and her fellow participant inside the grow house and managed to escape with her when she heard the truck start outside, just as she, Lee and Dylan had discussed. When they exit the structure, they find that one of the Polk’s has killed Dylan and was gunning for them next. They ran into the woods back toward the farmhouse and left Lee, who was slowed down by her leg injury, behind.

Monet and Audrey returned to the house where they decided to indulge in some “liquid courage.” Meanwhile Lee was crawling through the woods to get back home. Along the way she was confronted by Scathach, who offered her a pig heart to give her strength. She became possessed after biting the heart, killing one of two male hikers accompanying Sophie (Taissa Farmiga) in the woods. Monet and Audrey decided to watch footage from Lee’s camera as proof of what had happened at the Polks and instead learned that she killed her husband.

Neither had time to really process their anger before Lee showed up at the house to kill them. She pushed Monet down the stairs onto a sharp spike, killing her and chopped Audrey in the shoulder with a butcher knife before shoving her into the cellar. Meanwhile the Puritan ghosts staked and killed teens Sophie and Milo (Jon Bass), who tried to save Audrey and Monet from Lee. Police arrived the next morning.

Previews for the “American Horror Story” Season 6 finale show Lee sitting down with Lana Winters, Paulson’s character on “American Horror Story: Asylum.” The clip appears to be a snippet from what will be framed as an exclusive interview with Lee, the sole survivor of “Return to Roanoke.” This answers viewers question about how the show would handle Lana’s introduction, shutting down several theories that suggested she would be writing a book about the happenings in the Roanoke farmhouse.

The finale airs Wednesday, Nov. 16, at 10 p.m. EST on FX.