“American Horror Story”
“American Horror Story” Season 6 isn’t over yet, but we can’t stop thinking about what’s to come in Season 7. FX

“American Horror Story” returned in a big way for the sixth season of the FX original, and it seems co-creator Ryan Murphy has big plans for the future. While the show has yet to air the final episode of “My Roanoke Nightmare,” fans can’t stop buzzing about what may be in store for Season 7.

While Murphy, Brad Falchuk and the rest of the “American Horror Story” crew were tight lipped about Season 6, they have already begun sharing details about the upcoming season. During a conference call in October, Murphy told reporters that he had no plans to keep the plot of Season 7 a secret. In fact, full details will be announced “in the spring.” Still, TVLine reported that he has promised that the season will “have a big hook behind it.”

While it’s still relatively far off, here’s everything we know so far about Season 7 of “American Horror Story”:

“American Horror Story: Freak Show” Characters Will Play An Important Role:

TVLine reported that during a conference call, Murphy teased the return of several characters from Season 4 of the FX drama. It is unclear which characters will be selected at this time.

“Next year, we will be going back to some ‘Freak Show’ characters, deeper histories and mythologies. So we’re sort of still exploring Season 4 in Season 7,” Murphy said.

Season 7 Will Be Full Of Twists:

In early October, Murphy told Vanity Fair that the early seasons of “American Horror Story” would serve as the foundation for Seasons 6 through 8. He told fans to prepare for their expectations to be shattered.

“You’ll see it this season [Season 6], and then you’ll really see it after this season,” Murphy said. “We lay a lot of pipe, and you’ll see it explode in Seasons 7 and 8.”

The Idea Came To Murphy In Bed Late One Night:

Not long after “American Horror Story” Season 6 premiered, Murphy revealed to Entertainment Weekly that he had already begun brainstorming ideas for where to take the show next. He told the publication that he was mulling over a few ideas late one night when something brilliant came to him. While he would not say when Season 7 will premiere, he assured fans he’s already placed calls to potential cast members.

“It comes to me as it always come to me,” he said. “I sit up in bed and I say, ‘That’s it!’ I have been mulling a couple of ideas and I wasn’t loving it. Then I was thinking of this other thing and I literally sat up in bed and said, ‘That’s it!’ Whenever it happens it’s such a relief because it’s so much pressure.”

“American Horror Story” Season 7 Will Not Center Around “Coven” — But That’s Coming:

Murphy and the “American Horror Story” Season 6 writers worked in several references to Season 2. The most poignant of those references came from Lady Gaga’s character, Scathach. On Oct. 18 Murphy told EW that she was intended to be the first supreme, a nod to Jessica Lange’s “Coven” character. He promised “American Horror Story” fans that he and the writers intend to explore the witchy storyline further in the future, but not in Season 7.

A Potential Release Date:

While neither Murphy nor Falchuk have commented on when viewers should expect to see “American Horror Story” Season 7, there has been some speculation about when the show will be released. Based on Murphy’s clue that promotion will begin in the spring, some fans believe the next season of “American Horror Story” will hit FX in fall 2017.

While you wait, tune in to “American Horror Story” Season 6 Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on FX.