American Horror Story
“American Horror Story” Season 6, episode 2 aired on FX on Wednesday, Sept. 21. FX

“American Horror Story” Season 6, episode 2 picks up where the “My Roanoke Nightmare” premiere left off. Shelby had attempted to leave the farmhouse after getting locked in the basement. However, she didn’t get far. The episode concluded with her striking a woman with her car and following her into the woods. That proved to be a bad decision.

In Chapter 2 Shelby witnesses what looks like a human sacrifice in the woods. A man is scalped, and another is tied to a post with a pig head placed over his head. They move him over a fire, roasting him like you would a pig. Shelby watches in horror, but a snap of a twig gives her location away. A woman (Kathy Bates) yells for her people to seize her. Shelby makes a run for it and makes it to the road just as Lee (Angela Bassett) is coming up. Lee barely misses hitting her, and Shelby passes out.

Lee brings Shelby to the hospital where she explains everything that happened. The police investigate her claims of a human sacrifice but find nothing. In fact, they think that she’s on drugs. A blood test proves that she’s sober, but that still doesn’t mean they believe her.

Matt’s (Cuba Gooding Jr.) ready to move after all of the nonsense. However, Shelby has a change of heart. She thinks it’s the hillbillies trying to scare them and doesn’t want them to win. Things only get spookier from there.

Check out the 6 scariest moments from “American Horror Story: Roanoke” episode 2:

Invisible Friends

Lee’s ex husband drops her daughter Flora off at the farmhouse for some quality time. While Lee is making lunch, her daughter wanders off. She finds her talking to someone, but nothing is there. Flora says she’s talking to her friend Priscilla and that Priscilla needs her help because she’s “tired of all the blood.”

She thinks that her daughter is making things up as a result of the divorce — but then something else happens. As they’re sitting in the dining room, Lee hears a crash. She goes into the living room to find a broken vase … and a bonnet.

A Midnight Call

Matt wakes in the middle of the night when the phone rings. “Please, they’re hurting me,” a woman says. “Don’t let them hurt me.” The twist is that the phone isn’t plugged in.

A New Farmhouse Resident

Matt thinks that he’s dreaming after the phone call, however, it doesn’t stop there. He walks into the next room to find a nurse taking care of an elderly woman. The nurse is trying to give the woman her medication, but the woman isn’t taking it. Another nurse walks in and shoots the patient in the head. They write an “M” for Margaret, the name of the patient, on the wall in red paint.

The Scariest Game Of Hide And Seek

Lee and her ex think that Flora is playing hide and seek, but she’s not. They find her in a small cupboard upstairs talking to her invisible friend Priscilla, who wears “funny clothes.” Flora tells her parents that she was trying to trade Priscilla her doll. When Lee asks why, Flora says: “So she wouldn’t kill us. They’re going to kill us all … and save me for last.”

The Liquor Or Something Else

Lee’s ex tells her that she’ll never see Flora again, which sends her over the edge. Matt and Shelby find her drunk in the kitchen — with knives stabbed into the ceiling. Lee claims she didn’t do it, but they don’t believe her.

Matt brings her to bed so she can sober up. He leaves her alone, but Lee wakes to find two nurses standing over her. She walks down the hall to explore and finds bloody pig tails or intestines nailed to the wall. And that’s not all. When she looks in the mirror a pig man lunges at her.

Dr. Elias Cunningham

Shelby and Matt see a little girl standing outside of their house and go investigate. They don’t find the little girl, but they do find a cellar in the ground. Inside is an old TV, jars of food and a video camera.

They take the tape back inside the house thinking that the little girl wanted them to find it. The tape features Dr. Elias Cunningham (Denis O’Hare), the same man that Shelby and Lee watched on tape the week before. It’s revealed that the tape is from Oct. 11, 1997. Elias was a professor at a university who bought the house to write a true crime novel on Helter Skelter. But, his story got more chilling than that. Weird things started happening and he discovered the real history about what happened in the house.

Two sisters who were nurses, Miranda and Bridget, bought the house and turned it into an assisted living facility. Before they bought the place they worked at another facility. They were behind the mysterious deaths of two elderly patients, but quit before an investigation could be launched.

The two women started this new facility and accepted very specific patients — elderly people whose relatives were tired of caring for them. They also only took people with first names that started with a specific letter. Miranda and Bridget would kill the patients and then take the letter of the dead patient to spell their favorite word — murder.

Police came to investigate on Oct. 29, 1989 when family members complained that they couldn’t get in touch with anyone at the facility. They couldn’t find Miranda, Bridget or anyone else who worked there when they arrived. However, all of the patients were dead — and “Murde” was written on the wall. The sisters never got a chance to finish spelling “murder.”

According to Elias, no paint could cover up the word. The bank tried on numerous occasions to paint over it, but the letters kept seeping through. Finally they just covered it with wallpaper. Matt rips down the wallpaper and discovers that the word is still on the wall.

Elias concludes that everyone thinks that the homicidal nurses fled the country. However, he believes that someone — or something — got to them before they could finish spelling their favorite word.

The Sweatshirt

Lee goes to see Flora and decides to take her back to the house — without her ex knowing. Shelby calls Lee’s ex in order to ease his worries and prevent him from calling the police. He promises that he’s coming right there to get here, but Flora’s gone when they go to warn her. They search all over the house and outside. The episode ends with Lee screaming as she discovers Flora’s yellow sweatshirt at the top of a tall tree.