“American Horror Story” Season 6 Theories
“American Horror Story” is tying to keep the Season 6 theme a mystery before the FX series returns in the fall. FX

If you think you’ve figured out what Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have up their bloodstained sleeves for Season 6 of “American Horror Story,” think again.

According to reports, the creators behind the chilling anthology have been trying to throw audiences off their decaying scent with deceptive, Season 6 clues. So how exactly have they been tricking audiences? Well, during the 2016 Television Critics Association panel, FX President John Landgraf confirmed that the recently released Season 6 teasers are red herring promos.

“We thought it would be fun to keep it a mystery, so we are,” Landgraf said during the network’s TCA panel.

But out of the six misleading trailers, the network president revealed that there’s one real video. That means the Season 6 theme has been revealed, its just up to audiences to decipher which promo videos are the misdirects and which one is the actual trailer.

The six trailers, which have all taken place in separate locations, tease very specific storylines. Check them out below:

Trailer 1 — Audiences are brought to a nursery room where they hear the sound of a baby crying. But the wailing ends once the child (which is later revealed to be a monster) sees a twirling mobile above it’s crib. The mobile features a question mark and the number six.

Several fans have theorized that the mobile spells out the word “pig” when aligned correctly. That’s the same word that was written in Sharon Tate’s blood the night the pregnant star was killed by a Charles Manson family member. Fans have hypothesized that Season 6 will be connected to Charles Manson and his murderous family that took place in 1969.

Trailer 2 — This teasers follows a woman as she runs for her life down a flight of dark stairs into what looks like a basement. But she’s unable to meet her destination when a hand lurks from below, grabbing her ankle.

Trailer 3 — A creepy crawly slithers down the middle part of a character that looks eerily like the show’s Season 5 star Lady Gaga. But we’re not sure which is more terrifying — the bug gliding across her skull or her glowing green eyes.

Trailer 4 — Fans are introduced to another pair of glowing green eyes (three pairs to be exact) in fourth trailer, which takes place in a desert. A family is seen walking toward the camera as the sun sets behind them, giving fans a closer look at their illuminating pupils.

Trailer 5 — The most gruesome teaser shows a man having a question mark and the number 6 stapled into his scalp while in agony.

Trailer 6 — This teaser is probably the most tame of the six. In the 15-second promo video, viewers can see the number six smoking from a chimney of a house located in the middle of a deserted field.

This trailer has been connected to the Croatoan theory, which was previously addressed in Season 1. The Croatoan tale tells the story of a group of English settlers who traveled to Roanoke (current day North Carolina) to set up an establishment. However, the entire civilization vanished with no clues left behind expect the word “Croatoan,” which was carved into a tree.

TMZ released images from the Season 6 set of “American Horror Story” — photos that showed the one remaining clue from the settles who went missing in 1590. Could the lonesome, colonial-looking home located in the field of the teaser be the residence of Roanoke settlers before they went missing?

Which teaser do you think is the real Season 6 trailer? Sound off with your theories in the comments section below. “American Horror Story” will return to FX with its sixth season on Wednesday, Sept. 14.