“American Horror Story” Season 6 Spoilers
Lady Gaga stars in a creepy Season 6 promo video for “American Horror Story.” FX

Things are getting pretty spooky on Snapchat. Recently, FX sneakily released a slew of videos to the mobile app via Discovery Channels — videos that tease what the upcoming Season 6 installment of “American Horror Story” could possibly be about.

So what kind of terror can audiences expect to flood their small screens and invade their dreams this fall when “AHS” returns? Well, according to the released promos, it could be a number of utterly horrific things.

One promo video is soundtracked by the chilling noise of a woman humming a lullaby while a baby coos in a bassinet. As the camera pans in closer toward the child’s crib, viewers are giving a peek at the baby’s deadly mobile complete with a hook, a knife and the logo of “AHS” Season 6: “?6.”

But the baby’s coos quickly turn into cries before audiences find out what’s truly lying in the bassinet: A monster. The “Rosemary’s Baby”-like promo isn’t the only video to feature a child, which is what the show’s co-creator, Ryan Murphy, revealed the upcoming season will focus on. Another trailer shows a sunset that is overlooked when a family of three, complete with glowing red eyes, begins walking toward the camera.

One of the most gruesome promos of the bunch features a man getting the show’s Season 6 logo stapled into his head. “Try to keep it dry,” the person inflicting the pain upon the agonizing characters instructs. But there’s one trailer that will truly speed up audience’s heart rates as a woman flees down a staircase into what looks like a dark basement. The mystery woman never quite arrives to her destination after a bloody hand snags her ankle from under the stairwell, causing her — and us — to shriek.

Lady Gaga, who confirmed she will star in Season 6 of “AHS,” also appears in a promo video. The white-haired, green-eyed character calmly looks up to the camera as a centipede slithers down her creamy complexion. The trailers conclude with a house, located in the middle of a field, exuding smoke that forms into the upcoming installment’s chilling logo.

What do you think the trailers are hinting? Sound off with your theories in the comments section below. “American Horror Story” will return with Season 6 on Wednesday, Sept. 14, at 10 p.m. EDT on FX.