Jennifer Hudson is arguably one of the most successful contestants to compete on "American Idol." Hudson, who participated on Season 3 in 2004, was eliminated in the final round but went on to have a successful career as a singer, actress and fashion designer. 

In a new interview with E! Online, the 34-year-old "Walk It Out" singer said she was "sad" to see the show ending after 15 seasons, and hoped to be a part of the show's farewell episode. 

“I hope to be a part of the ‘Idol’ finale, the final show," she said. "I’m kind of sad to see it go because it’s been a part of our homes. Each of us in America, you know. So it’s going to be sad to see it go but I hope to be a part of the farewell.”

Carrie Underwood, who won "American Idol" in Season 4, previously said she would be on tour during the show's last season but would try and work it into her schedule to attend, if she was invited back. 

“I’m sure I will [return] at some point,” she told E! last month. “I definitely would like to be there for the finale.”

As previously reported, Fox announced in May that "American Idol" would make its exit with Season 15. Last week, it was also reported that the show will wrap one month sooner than expected. Instead of crowning the winner in May, like it normally does, the show will end in April. It's believed part of the reason "American Idol" is exiting that soon is due to low ratings during last year's Season 14. 

Throughout the show's farewell season, fans can expect appearances by a number of special guests including the original judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. 

"I've suggested that it ends with me sweeping the floor. I kind of want a cameo role. I'm sure I’ll be there on the night. And it's going to be an emotional night. It's going to bring back a lot of good memories," Cowell told USA Today. "I'm very grateful for what ['Idol'] did for my career, that we found some amazing artists. But the [finale] night belongs to the people who are currently on the show."

"American Idol" Season 15 premieres Jan. 6 at 8 p.m. EST on Fox.