When “American Idol” Season 17 premieres, viewers will watch as aspiring singers audition for a group of judges, who will determine which contestants will go to Hollywood and compete for the grand prize.

The show, which originally aired on Fox, was first rebooted in 2018 by ABC. Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan appeared on the judges’ panel, while Ryan Seacrest took on the role of the host.

All four will return for “American Idol” Season 17 when it airs on Sunday night. Before tuning into the singing competition, meet the judges that will be front and center throughout the 2019 series.

Katy Perry

With hit songs like “Firework” and “Dark Horse,” as well as having her songs streamed a cumulative 18 billion times, Perry can offer contestants great advice about taking their music career to the next level, even if they don’t win the grand prize.

During an appearance on “Good Morning America, Perry gushed over the talent exhibited by the newest contestants and revealed the singing competition is “not always about the person who wins.”

“It is called American Idol not American Idols and some of these kids that have made it to the top — they all deserve that spot. History says maybe it’s not about the person that wins,” she said.

Lionel Richie

The singer’s presence on the show allows contestants to be in the presence of a music legend. With renowned songs like “Endless Love” and “Hello,” along with four Grammy Awards, Richie is an international superstar.

This means he will offer realistic advice to contestants. While appearing alongside Perry on “Good Morning America,” Richie seemed to share Perry’s belief that success is still possible even if a contestant is not named the winner of “American Idol.”

“I tell people every day you got to be very aware of the fact that No. 1 means you have to be famous now,” Richie explained

“[Being a runner up] means you’ve studied the course and can figure it out and you can go home and have time to work on it,” he added.

Luke Bryan

Throughout his career, the country singer has sold over 40 million tracks, 10 million albums and has had his songs streamed more than 3 billion times. When he makes his return to the “American Idol” judges’ panel, viewers can expect to see a confident version of Bryan, who feels more comfortable in his role on the show.

“Having a year behind me makes me feel more educated on what’s to come,” Bryan said in preview shared on Entertainment Weekly.

As for contestants, the country singer is “excited” about the talent that will be showcased in the new season and is looking forward to seeing which aspiring artist will win the competition.

Tune into the “American Idol” Season 17 premiere on Sunday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.