The “American Ninja Warrior” National Finals are now well underway. The first half of the 90 finalists attempted Stage 1 of the daunting Mount Midoriyama course earlier this week when the first episode of the National Finals in Las Vegas aired on NBC and Esquire. On Monday, Aug. 25 on NBC (and Tuesday, Aug. 26 on Esquire) the second half of contestants will have their shot at continuing on.

The Mount Midoriyama course is the most difficult course the contestants have faced, featuring four stages and many brand new obstacles. The finalists are first given a shot at Stage 1 of the course, which features two new obstacles from last year and a 125-second time limit. Of the first set of contestants only 9 completed Stage 1 to move on to a shot at Stage 2.  

Here’s a look at every obstacle the contestants are facing in Stage 1:

Piston Road

In this new obstacle, the competitors must cross a pool by leaping back and forth from 6 angled cylinder platforms only 30 inches wide.

Piston Road Piston Road is the first obstacle of Stage 1 on Mount Midoriyama. Photo: NBC

Giant Wheel

In the "Giant Wheel" obstacle contestants must leap off of a mini-trampoline and grab hold of a 9-foot diameter turning wheel before leaping to the next platform and obstacle.

Giant Wheel Contestants must leap to a 9-foot wheel in Mount Midoriyama's second obstacle. Photo: NBC

Silk Slider

Another new obstacle, the "Silk Slider," requires contestants to ride a 50-foot zip line on a silk curtain and land on a 6-foot by 6-foot platform in the middle of the water. Many contestants struggled on this obstacle in the first National Finals episode.  

Silk Slider This new obstacle claimed many contestants in the National Finals Part 1 episode. Photo: NBC

Jumping Spider

This difficult obstacle requires contestants to jump from a trampoline to a narrow passage between two walls where the finalists must wedge themselves from midair before sliding across to the next platform.

Half Pipe Attack

In the "Half Pipe Attack," contestants must run across the side of a large half-pipe before leaping out to a rope to swing to the next platform.

Half Pipe Attack The Half Pipe Attack returns to Las Vegas from last season. Photo: NBC

Warped Wall (14 FT)

“American Ninja Warrior” fans are very familiar with the famous "Warped Wall," but in the National Finals the height is increased to 14 feet and contestants are given half the room for a running start.

Spinning Bridge

The "Spinning Bridge" forces contestants to cross a pool via four rotating balls hanging from ropes.

Spinning Bridge As contestants near the end of Stage 1 they must navigate the Spinning Bridge. Photo: NBC

Final Climb

The last obstacle in Stage 1 is the "Final Climb," where contestants must swing on a Tarzan rope to the rope ladder, successfully latch on to the ladder, and climb to the top. If a contestant passes this obstacle within the time limit, they are on to Stage 2.

Watch “Weatherman” Joe Moravsky expertly navigate every Stage 1 obstacle in the National Finals Part 1 episode.

Check back for more “American Ninja Warrior” recaps and an overview of the Stage 2 and 3 obstacles. “American Ninja Warrior” airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. EDT on Esquire. How many more contestants do you think will make it to Stage 2? Tweet your thoughts to @Ja9GarofaloTV.