Americans spent less time thinking, relaxing and communicating with others in 2012 than they did a decade ago, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics American Time Use Survey. They are also spending more time working, eating out, watching TV and movies, and using their computers for fun.

Americans are also spending less time on chores like cleaning, gardening, laundry and shopping and less time on charitable activities like helping people who aren't members of their immediate family.

The bigger picture shows that people are spending more time on the things that they were already spending a lot of time on -- things like working and watching TV -- and even less time on things they weren’t doing much before -- things like hosting parties and helping people that aren’t members of their immediate family.

Here’s an infographic that charts how much time people spend on different activities, per day, per week and per month:

Doesn’t look anything like your day? Here’s what the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics had to say:

If this "average day" doesn't sound like a typical day in your household, it is because these numbers are for all persons in the U.S. age 15 and over, and for all days of the week combined.