Winning the lottery is the dream of millions of Americans. One man has done it...six times.

Bryan Moss, from the Boise-suburb of Meridian, Idaho, seems to play the lottery a lot and has had his share of success, winning a half-dozen times. His most recent win is from a Crossword Scratch Game he played on Thursday, where he took in $250,000, his largest windfall yet.

The news of Moss' lottery fortune has generated plenty of national attention, with reports from CNN, CBS News, ABC News and the New York Daily News, among others.

It's unclear how often Moss plays the lottery. International Business Times reached out to Moss for comment Tuesday, but didn't receive a response.

Why does Moss buy so many lottery tickets?

“I’m proud to help support Idaho public schools, that’s really why I play,” said Moss, a small-business owner.

He told local media that he is putting his winnings aside to fund his daughter’s education someday.

The lottery supports both the public schools in Idaho, as well as the Permanent Building Fund, which helps fund the state’s universities and colleges. From 1990 to 2019, the state’s lottery has been able to give $961.5 million back to the schools.

Moss has owned Newko Sport and Nutrition since 2000, a local health store in the city.

Throughout the years, he’s shown his support for small businesses and the importance of shopping locally to give back to the community with various signs at his store and through social media posts.

While Moss has had plenty of luck, he's one of many Americans to have won the lottery on multiple occasions.

Peggy Dodson, Janet Pflaumer-Phillips and Eugene Martellio are just three players who found themselves with multiple winning lottery tickets in the last few years.

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