ANTM S24 group photo
The “America’s Next Top Model” Season 24 contestants are getting makeovers in the upcoming episode. VH1

After last night’s episode of VH1’s “America’s Next Top Model,” in which Maggie was eliminated, the contestants are ready to move forward in the competition and host Tyra Banks knows just how to do that.

In the next Season 24 episode, the remaining models learn that they will be getting “Ty-Overs,” which are the makeovers the models receive each season in order to have their own signature look.

Here are the new hairstyles Banks tells the Season 24 contestants they’ll be rocking by the end of episode 3.

Brendi K.

Tyra shares the look she’ll be getting with just one sound, “Bzzzzzz,” and Brendi does not look happy to hear that she’ll be having her hair shaved off.


Keeping the model curious, Tyra simply says that she’ll be getting hair to match her actions and attitude.


It’s time for a change in hair color for this model, as she’ll go from blonde to “bubblegum pink.”


“Afro tightening” is what Banks tells Ivana she’ll be getting.

Her response: “I feel like I have been conditioned to associate beauty with long hair. Growing up I just had people always say that short hair is ugly, so I’m just trusting the process.”


The 24-year-old currently has super long hair, but that’s not going to be the case anymore. “That wig that you have, you’re gonna have to say goodbye to her,” Tyra reveals.


Only one word was necessary to describe her new look: “Platinum.”


There won’t be a huge makeover for this star, who is just getting her hair done super brown, with a few extra surprises mixed in.


The hairstyle for Liberty is a bit personal, with Tyra revealing, “You voted red, so you’re going red.”

Everyone has a surprised look on their faces after this announcement, likely equal parts for the comment and the new hair color.

“Oh, ‘cause I’m pro-trump, that’s why,” Liberty clarifies Tyra’s choice.


With the news that she’ll be getting a “weave right down to the floor,” Rhiyan is very excited.


Let’s hope this model is adventurous because she’s about to get a whole new look, as in “Bye bye to your hair, but hello platinum,” according to Tyra.


It’s a “Blunt, long bob” for Sandra, who simply responds “Ooh,” in excitement.


“You’re going bigger,” Tyra reveals of the new look for Shanice.


In a mysterious turn, the model is truly getting a look all her own. “Coura, you’re getting the Coura,” the host shares.

In her solo interview, Coura asks, “Tyra, what are you about to do to me? I don’t know if I should be excited or nervous.”


Tyra’s “feeling long, wavy hair” for Erin and what Tyra wants, she gets.

See all the new looks when “America’s Next Top Model” Season 24, episode 3 airs on Tuesday, Jan. 23, on VH1 at 8 p.m. EST.