The models received their new, signature looks on the last episode of VH1’s “America’s Next Top Model” and now it’s time for the remaining contestants to bring their makeovers to the world of TV and film.

That’s right, in episode 4 of the Tyra Banks reality competition series, the models will be given an acting challenge that will force them to learn lines and show real emotion.

The network released a sneak peek of the new Season 24 episode on Tuesday, which shows the women reacting to and preparing for the challenge.

“When I found out we were gonna be acting, especially for a challenge, I was so stoked,” Brendi shares in the clip. “I’m so excited about this challenge, I can’t even explain it to you.”

In unaired footage from last week’s panel, Banks told the contestants that they’d be doing screen tests next week and they’re going to have to memorize lines and learn to perform them when they got back home.

Once they get their lines, Rhiyan reveals that it’s for “a love scene in a restaurant,” which has her freaking out because she’s never acted before. Deciding she needs some extra help, she pulls Kyla aside and asks her to practice together.

“I don’t know how to get into character, but at the same time, I’m going to make do with what I got,” Rhiyan says. “I want to shine and I want Tyra to see that.”

She’s not alone in that feeling. The day of the acting challenge brings the girls front and center once again, and this time, not for modeling, but Shanice won’t let that get to her because she needs to prove herself from last week.

“Today is the acting challenge, so I know that I have to show the judges that I can do this and I do not want to be in the bottom two this week,” she said.

Once the women are all settled at the event, it’s uncovered that TV and film director Anthony Hemingway is on hand to judge the challenge and he gives the models a few details about what a screen test is in the acting world.

“When auditioning, the screen test is the finale stage in the casting process that could land you the role of a lifetime,” he says. “Also in this process, we’ll have you work with one of the actors who have already been cast.”

ANTM Panel Photo
VH1’s “America’s Next Top Model” judges are ready to find the Season 24 winner. VH1

That’s when it’s revealed that the models will be working with actor Kevin Phillips as their co-star for the challenge.

“Kevin Phillips is so fine,” Shanice says after Phillips comes out. “I’m sure if I get back home, my boyfriend’s going to be like, ‘You sure you’re in a modeling competition?’”

The prize for getting their heads in the game and winning this competition within the competition? Whoever performs the best will receive a speaking role in one of Hemingway’s projects.

See who wins the challenge when the new episode of “America’s Next Top Model” airs on VH1 on Tuesday, Jan. 30, at 8 p.m. EST.